Danganronpa Gets Away With Murder

Posted: May 23, 2016 in Anime, Steven Saunders

That’s right folks, we do have an anime/manga page too!

Anime & Manga

By: Steven Saunders

So this story begins with you getting lucky and receiving a pass to go to the most prestige’s high school in the entire country. What could be better? This place will get you better job offers, just for having gone there. Luck is finally on your side. You’re feeling a little dizzy when you wake up; you’re in a strange room, iron plates on the windows, what happened? You see a note that says to go to the gym and you’re late. When you arrive you find out that the school you have been so blessed to go to has a problem. The principal is a black and white, evil teddy bear. The only way to graduate is to kill your fellow class mates and get away with it. Sound like a bad dream right? Well this is the story behind Danganronpa. This anime is a twisted…

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