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By: JD Hardin

It’s that time of the week again. Time to get to your local comic book store and feed the addiction that we all love.

The August sales numbers are out and DC has strengthened their game, taking 26 out of the top 30 individual slots. Marvel stole three and Image robbed DC of one. DC’s Harley Quinn #1 took first, All-Star Batman #1 took second it quantity and first in dollar sales, and Suicide Squad #1 took third. While Marvel’s Darth Vader Vol. 3 took the top spot in graphic novel sales, DC still snuck out of August with half of the top ten trades, using  a new special HC edition of The Killing Joke to lock down the #2 slot. We expect to see Postal climbing up the ranks for the month of September and October. Just last week, Image announced that it will be adapted into a Hulu television series. So catch up on that while you can! (Click here to read more)

Anyway, I digress…..




By: JD Hardin

It’s no secret that we here at The Nerdery are huge fans of Top Cow and Postal. Matt Hawkins has been a favorite here since we began nearly two years ago. Back in June, we confidentially received the news that Postal’s TV options had been sold to Legendary TV, and a pilot was in the works. Now that the secret is out, you can watch that video.

It’s now been confirmed, Postal is coming to Hulu. So, there’s several things that should be expected, and things that shouldn’t be.

(For those who don’t know what Postal is all about Click Here to read the first issue!)

First off, let’s talk about the incredible production crew that has been attached to this project.


By: JD Hardin

It’s another exciting day for readers as publishers are laying out a little of everything for us. Mechanism, Civil War II, Superman, Aquaman, Horizon, Zombie Tramp and so much more are available for the picking.

Unfortunately our sponsor Toxic City Comics has temporarily closed down for a little while. But, our friends at All Star Comics and Games are still in Baytown doing well.



By: JD Hardin

This past week on the show, we all reviewed Animosity #1 and it was a runaway hit. Scoring almost all 5’s, it got us excited to see #2 release today and expect good reviews. One of our favorite publisher’s 451 Media drops NVRLND #2 and we’re stoked! Civil War II and Rebirth are still going strong and Dark Horse and Image are releasing a flood of collected trades. So get down to see our friends at All Star Comics and get your books while you can!



By: Ricky Ramirez

Google’s Chromecast released on July 24th, 2013. This affordable streaming device for televisions quickly became a hot seller, and of course, I had to buy one. At first, only a few developers gave apps the ability to cast images and video to your TV via Chromecast. Luckily, Netflix and Hulu were two of those apps. At the time, that was all I needed. The ability to watch a movie on my phone and cast it straight to my TV in 1080p resolution was plenty for me. It wasn’t long before Google opened up developer options on a wider spectrum, and more and more apps came with casting abilities. Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio were some popular apps that allowed you to play music through your TV setup, along with album artwork and metadata. On September 29th, 2015, Google launched a newer, faster version of its Chromecast. They also added a new music device, the Image result for chromecast picturesChromecast audio. The newer units offered faster boot up speeds, added GHz WiFi, and the Chromecast audio allowed you to stream directly to a home theater, or home audio system strictly for music. The wow factor for the Chromecast audio is that it allowed high fidelity audio through the device for all the audiophiles to enjoy. You could even pair multiple Chromecast audios and have music playing at multiple sources, similar to what Sonos is doing with their Play series speakers. With all these features packed into a small, hockey puck shaped device that fits in the palm of your hand, you would think the price would be very high. However, both Chromecast models retail for thirty five dollars and usually offer specials deals just for purchasing. Currently, you can activate a Spotify premium account and get the first sixty days free. Google has even allowed games to be cast to TV sets, including Angry Birds Go! Both Chromecast units work with iOS, Android, and Windows phones. However, Windows phone users are limited to only a few apps that focus on either YouTube or your own personal library of videos and images. With the amount of apps currently working with Chromecast, the little dongle that could makes a great gift for anyone looking to enjoy content on a budget.

By: JD Hardin

On July 11, 2012 comic book fans finally got a Judge Dredd film they felt they deserved. While I have read quite a few Dredd comics, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a die hard Dredd fan. Regardless of that fact, I found the ’95 film to be an insult to the property and the genre of comic book films as a whole. While Stallone had the potential to play Dredd perfectly (yeah, I said that), the script and story didn’t have a clue of what Judge Dredd is really all about.

Seventeen years later, I caught wind that the property had released another film. Yep, I had missed the theatrical release by about a year. I asked a few friends if they knew about it and the one’s who did either saw it at the theater by chance or thought it was a straight to video release. That speaks volumes about the kind of marketing the film experienced. That’s quite a shame. The film is absolutely incredible and Karl Urban brings the post-apocalyptic character an incredible presence. Staying true to the comics, Judge Dredd never removes his helmet. While this makes for an impressive and unwavering appearance, it makes the role incredibly difficult for the actor. Urban commented on the fact that the role was his most challenging role as he was forced to convey all emotions with body language and the lower part of his face. In spite of the severe difficulty in playing the role, Urban did an incredible job as Dredd.


By: JD Hardin

As many of you know, all of us here at The Nerdery are huge Matt Hawkins fans. For those that watch or listen to the show, you may be aware that the characters of Think Tank have appeared in The Tithe, and characters of The Tithe have appeared in Postal. It’s more than safe to assume that these three titles exist in a shared universe. When that’s witnessed by readers the first question is always, “When will they all have a shared event?” The answer comes from the writer himself this time . That answer is NOW.


EDENSFALL_MockCov_1Eden’s Fall is a three issue mini-series and began it’s release this past August. The series will begin where The Tithe left off at the end of Volume 2, and seems to be taking place in the background of Postal and Think Tank (for now).

As the FBI task force from The Tithe lose a suspect, the team goes rogue and attempts to infiltrate the hidden town of Eden, Wyoming to retrieve him and bring him to the attention of the law. Agent Jimmy Miller goes undercover to become a resident of Eden. When all communication between him and the rest of the team go down, Campbell panics. Sam is forced to swallow her own pride and personal feelings and allow Jimmy to to his job. In the town, Mayor Shiffron has her own issues with the town’s newest residents.

Stellar writing and smooth art make the three titles blend homogeneously. The Tithe easily infiltrates Postal at an atomic level, leaving no skeptic unanswered. The characters have been given sound motivation to take a deep and thorough look into Eden and it’s citizens. And the character development of Agents Miller and Campbell gives us all we need to believe that they would go that far to ensure justice is served.



Dr. David Lorens inclusion in the story seems so organic, that a reader may believe Think Tank to be a spin off that was released too early. His involvement in The Tithe began in issue #5 and has been a frequent character ever since. Sam and Jimmy’s slowly increasing reliance on David only serves to prove that the group wouldn’t even discuss this mission without his assistance.














This will almost assuredly win The Nerdery’s “Event of the Year” in January. I can honestly say, that this is the best thing Top Cow has put out this year. File this under your must read category and get it while it’s hot and still available. Most of the comic retailers in Houston sold out by Friday. Don’t miss out.





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By: JD Hardin

It’s that time of the week again. More comics, less money, more angry wifes and girlfriends. Oh well, they’ll still love us tomorrow (I hope). The Nerdery favorites Overground Comics and 451 Media present their latest offerings this week (can you feel the excitement). DC’s Rebirth continues it’s party with continued domination over the racks. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Civil War II seems to have fallen asleep somewhere. Marvel proceeds with plenty of tie-ins, but with no central story it’ll be hard to glue it all together. Image is on a roll with the much anticipated Eclipse #1, the top rated Beauty #10, and the unstoppable stampede that is the Top Cow imprint.

So waste no time getting these or you’ll miss out.