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By: JD Hardin


Those who watch or listen to the show are well aware that I’m a big DC fan. For those that don’t, yes I prefer DC over Marvel. Before you pick up your pitchforks or light your torches, I’ll explain in article upcoming. That being said, currently one of the reasons is the price. The market standard is right about $3.99 a book. That price covering the majority of Marvel, Dark Horse, Image and other publisher’s issues. DC has been rebelling against that for some time with a $2.99 cover price on most of their individual issues. Of course, these prices are not set in stone and some books go for as high as $9.99 on the cover however, usually these books are bigger, crossovers, or Prestige format. DC has been keeping their price down for quite some time with a great deal of success. However, Marvel has been putting digital comic codes in their comics for some time while DC did not. DC will be targeting that niche market with these titles along with increasing the cover prices.

Have no fear, the standard DC titles that we all know and love will remain at their normal $2.99 price tag for the current time. So Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fans have nothing to worry about.

Image result for ALL STAR BATMANAll Star Batman


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

Batman Beyond


Blue Beetle


The HellblazerImage result for THE HELLBLAZER

New Super-Man

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Super Sons



Teen Titans




By: JD Hardin

It’s a relatively sleepy week for readers. What few events that are currently happening, don’t have any direct issues out this week. Cheer up though, Ben Reilly is coming back, Comicpalooza is just around the corner and GoGames360 is almost here!!

Yes, DC will be raising prices on a few titles (full write up coming) but they will be adding digital codes in those books. So I don’t expect a drop in sales. Marvel has been doing just that for years to great success.

I seem to be rambling…………..

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By: JD Hardin

FINALLY! Goldar, Putties, Zords, Zordon, Alpha 5, and all those little nuggets we’ve been waiting on have been revealed. Saban’s Power Rangers’ new trailer has finally given me the substance that I’ve been waiting on. I was beginning to be concerned that we wouldn’t get the Power Rangers movie we deserve. The trailer fills in a lot of blanks that fans have had, but draws just as many questions.


By: JD Hardin

Sometimes news comes down the wire that you all should really be aware of. But rarely does it come with enough information for a full write-up. So instead, I’m combining a few of those things to get it to you.

Hellboy III?

Yeah, Ron Perlman and Mike Mignola have both told us it’s not going to happen. It would appear that may not be definitive. There’s still a few hours left, SO GO VOTE!!!


Action Comics #1 For $15.99

action-comics-1Yep, that’s right. LootCrate’s January box carries an Origin label. What all will be in it for sure is currently unknown (as per usual). But it has been confirmed that it will contain a reprint of Action Comics #1. The comic book that started the superhero trend that we enjoy so much today. DC has issued several reprints over the years, each printed on the current paper standard with the adds updated as well. One reprint added pages that were removed from the final draft of the original print. LootCrate is giving us something special. This reprint will be printed on 1938 standard papers with all the original adds. More than likely LootCrate will have their logo printed on the cover somewhere, aside from that, it will be an extremely loyal representation of the 10 cent trendsetter.

By: JD Hardin

Yeah, yeah, I’m late. With no adieu, here it is.

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Alright, the polls are closed and you have chosen the Best of 2016. Some of these results were really close. We had to bring in a tie breaker on more than a few of these categories. But, 2016 was a great year for nerds and 2017 looks to be an even better one.

Without any more bantering, here’s the results of the Best of 2016 Poll!!!


By: JD Hardin

As usual, it’s a great week to be a reader. DC’s Justice League VS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers makes its debut, Nerdery favorite, Moonshine, unleashes its fourth issue, and most of all 451Media’s Red Dog #2 is now available to the masses. We also have rumor of Liv Tyler’s return to the role of Betty Ross and casting suspicions of Poison Ivy.

It’s rarely a bad week to be a comic book fan, but the last decade has been more than kind to us. Yes, we all know that guy who just watched a movie or two and is now pestering you with questions. Be kind and share your wealth of knowledge. You weren’t always the encyclopedia you are today. One day he may become an encyclopedia as well. Share your nerdism with the people around you, it will ensure its survival.

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By: JD Hardin

In a world where DC and Marvel are keeping up with what might be trending after the last event, the independent publishers normally keep to the counter-culture of comics. Companies like Image, Zenescope, and Dark Horse like to keep their pages flush with adult themes, violence and gore. Gone are the days of mystery and adventure comics like Dick Tracy or Buck Rodgers. Even the Golden Boy, Superman has lost his luster in the new millennium. However, standing tall in this river of change and audacious maturity is independent Houston publisher Last Sentry Comics.

PictureI first encountered Last Sentry at an appearance at a local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day. The Nerdery was in it’s infancy and I was stunned at our first interaction. I wasn’t sure what to expect from writers and artists at the time, and their kind and friendly demeanor was definitely not what I had anticipated. At the time, The Nerdery was being flooded with comics from one to three man comic book companies, and I had spent the better part of three months cursing the fan fictions that were being pedaled as original characters with original histories and stories. What they handed me doesn’t belong in that category in the least. Liberty (an unreleased ashcan book) took my breath away with intense action and war story elements.

Stalker #1 blew me away with it’s format of paranormal and crime pulp and  is another book that is a “must read”. With mystery, drama, and feel of mob crime from the early 20th century, The Stalker is a beautiful amalgamation of art and story. As the flagship of Last Sentry Comics, it’s an amazing example of their philosophy, great stories appropriate for the whole family.

At Comicpalooza 2015, the guys shot us a copy of G.I. Bro and arranged us to interview Booker T. himself. G.I. Bro is an fantastic title written by pro wrestler, Booker T. and the Last Sentry team, and their passion for the story shows on every page. Vivid art, a gracefully progressing plot, and plenty of action adds up to a very straight forward story that won’t leave you grasping at straws for a clue.

Last Sentry Comics was our very first Top Rated Publisher, and from the looks of things, will be for a very long time. We make it a point to interact with them every time we see them. If you’re not keeping up with Last Sentry, you need to change that.

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By Ricky Ramirez


Ten years ago today, Apple unveiled the very first iPhone. A device that boasted a great camera, a built in iPod, and the ability to surf the internet through a mobile browser. In a partnership with the new AT&T, formerly Cingular wireless, Apple stunned the word with a device that was unlike anything seen prior. The biggest shock Steve Jobs delivered, was that the keyboard was on screen and could easily learn typing patterns, and be changed easily with a software update. The biggest competition out at the time was the RIM Blackberry and the Windows based Motorola Q. Both phones featured plastic keyboards, and ran a bit sluggish, but were both well received by the enterprise community. Before being renamed iOS, the Mac OS based operating system for iPhone, was pretty limited. The iPhone shipped with basic phone operations such as text messaging, calling, email, weather, compass, maps (using Google data without turn by turn), notes, and featured a YouTube app for the first time on a smartphone. iPhone, while impressive, was a bit limited at first. It lacked the ability to send and receive picture messages, and couldn’t add any new applications to increase productivity. 

With the dawn of its successor the iPhone 3G on the horizon, Apple updated the OS to work with picture messaging, and integrated The App Store. The App Store allowed developers to create useful applications for iPhone, and users could download the apps straight to iPhone for free, or at a cost to the developer’s chosen price. While all this seems like everyday usage to us now, this one phone started the revolution of mobile devices as we now know it. With the success of iPhone, both software companies and phone manufacturers followed suit with similar phones, and app stores. Google, Microsoft, The Linux Foundation, and several other companies can thank Apple for ushering them into a mobile world. Three of us at The Nerdery use iPhone’s daily for Nerdery-related work. I myself, am currently typing this article on an iPhone 7, and am looking forward to Apple’s ten year anniversary iPhone. I’ve watched every keynote like a fanboy, and have had a great deal of respect for everything Steve Jobs, Jony Ive, and company achieved with iPhone. Happy Anniversary Apple, and thank you very much!

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By: JD Hardin


The extremely popular Phoenix Comicon has been a staple for Arizona comic book fans since 2002 and has always been a place that fans and volunteers feel welcomed. Just like the majority of conventions around the world, people may volunteer to work for free (or paid depending on state labor laws) and be able to attend the convention when they’re not occupied with their duties. However, this year will be different for the Arizona convention. Volunteers will be required to join the Blue Ribbon Army. Memberships range from $20-$100 and DO NOT guarantee that you will be able to volunteer at Phoenix Comicon. This turn of events has hopeful participants up in arms. This is the first time anyone has heard of a volunteer having to pay to volunteer!
Naturally this has caused quite a stir in the convention community.