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By: JD Hardin

The numbers for July comic book sales are out, and DC took the month with fury. DC’s Justice League #1, Justice League Rebirth #1, and Batman #2 took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Totaling in holding 8 of the top 10 comic books sold, and 24 of the top 30. DC’s drop in release quantity as Harley Quinn’s Greatest Hits TP and Batman: The Killing Joke Special Edition Hardcover peaking at 2nd and 3rd, and DC not representing anywhere else higher than 15th. On the other side of the fence, Marvel’s Graphic Novels peaked no higher than 4th with Star Wars: Obi-Wan and Anakin TP. The hottest thing in July for Graphic Novels was Monstress Vol 1 TP from Image who tied Marvel with 4 out of the top ten novels.

Anywho, the biggest thing The Nerdery is excited about this week is Eden’s Fall from Top Cow. The major crossover in Top Cow’s history, Eden’s Fall is a crossover of three Top Rated Titles; Think Tank, The Tithe, and Postal. Bryan Hill and Matt Hawkins are co-authoring the mini series. We are definitely expecting to crank it up to 11 on this one.





It’s that time of the week again. It’s time to get to our local comic book shop and get our fix. Marvel’s Civil War II is going strong and is extending to the far reaches of the Marvel Universe. Meanwhile, DC’s Rebirth is still the hottest comic trend going on right now. With almost half of DC titles being renumbered and characters revamped, they’re on the right track to recover from the DCYOU. Top Cow’s Mechanism #2 drops today and we expect this to turn into a Top Rated Title as soon as eligible.




By: JD Hardin

Civil War II is back in full swing this week with a ton of tie-ins. Four more books from the stellar Overground Comics will definitely put some pep into your week. DC finally brings us the Suicide Squad and Supergirl Rebirth #1’s. The incredibly written Lucas Stand releases it’s third issue as well.

There’s rarely a bad week to be a comic reader. No matter what you read, there’s generally a great book for you releasing every week. This week, however, is an incredible week. Don’t miss your chance to get these fantastic stories.



ByJD Hardin

There’s a lot of discussion, arguments, and controversy surrounding the world of comic books and their films as of late. Not to fret, we’ll definitely discuss that, just not in this article. Right now, we’re going to talk about the size and repercussions of Civil War II and Rebirth. Civil War II had a pretty large build up and it seems to me, that it hasn’t really led to anything earth-shattering or much more than a tremor. Outside of a few characters deaths (which I’m sure will be short-lived [HA!}) the “epic fight” hasn’t been much more than a spat between estranged lovers.

On the other side of street in the Superman titles alone Rebirth has killed one Superman, brought back the Superman from the early 90’s with a wife and son, made the son a Superman of sorts, resurrected Doomsday (a GOOD Doomsday), returned The Eradicator to the pages, and brought about a Chinese Superman. And that is just the tip of the iceberg for the DC universe.

Maybe I’m biased, but it doesn’t seem like Civil War II is living up to its predecessor’s name.

Spider-Man/Deadpool has made the final turn of its ten issue publishing run with installment #8, and Old Man Logan continues The Last Ronin arc. DC fans, your second issue of The All-New Superman is here as well, and there’s so much more. So……

It’s time to raid the racks!!!!

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By: JD Hardin

So far, anything touched by DC on the silver screen has done fantastic in the box office. But according to the website Rotten Tomatoes, they can’t do anything right. The critic aggregator site’s critics claim that Rotten Tomatoes shows a bias in favor of Marvel films. David Ayer even went so far as to send out a (now deleted) tweet outright accusing critics of taking bribes to judge DCEU films more harshly. He has since tweeted a retraction of that statement but, he seems to have struck a nerve with the fan community.

When I first caught wind of this nasty rumor, I thought it was nothing more than smoke. I thought to myself, “There’s no way a site that big would risk everything on something like that.” But, just like the guy I am, I did my due diligence and found some disturbing evidence to support the conspiracy theorists. With an average fan rating and critic rating difference of a whopping 41%, I found it a little disturbing. I expected it to be a little bit closer than that. With the highest rated DC film to be Man Of Steel at a, still rotten, 55%, and Suicide Squad garnering a 98% fan rating, things do seem off. I didn’t understand how far off until I saw the ratings for Marvel.


Matt Hawkins

By: JD Hardin


Regular fans of the show are no stranger to his name. Thanks to everyone who voted for The Nerdery’s Best of 2015 poll, he won in nearly every category he was nominated for. Putting pen to paper for nearly thirty years, he has published thousands of comics and created incredible titles such as The Tithe, Symmetry, Postal, Think Tank, and so much more. Unbeknownst to many of his fans, Matt’s intelligence extends far beyond the pages of the comics we know and love so much. Holding a Masters degree in physics from Cal Tech, he bears a great deal of resemblance to Dr. David Lorens, the main character from the recently returned Think Tank. It goes without saying, Matt is a very intelligent guy.

Normally accompanied in the back of each of his comics is a brief (sometimes very thorough) summary of his research.

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Hawkins twice and have attended a few of his panels.  Take a look at an interview right here…

An extremely likable and talented individual, Matt Hawkins is one of the busiest guys in comic books. With more than a few ongoing titles for which he bears sole writing responsibility, it’s amazing the level of energy he exudes.

Known for:


Think Tank


The Tithe

Eden’s Fall


Aphrodite IX

and so much more!!

See what Top Cow is up to!!

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By: JD Hardin

San Diego Comic Con is the landmark of conventions here in the US. With everything nerdy under the sun having complete representation. What we’ve seen in recent years is a growing amount of female characters throughout all aspects of comic books. It seems the women of Marvel agree that it is worth celebrating.


From left to right we’ve got:

Laura Harrier (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Laura Harrier is an actress known for roles in the daytime soap opera One Life to Live and the off-broadway musical The Last Five Years. She also has had a modeling career and has worked on campaigns with American Eagle, L’Oréal, and Target and has turned up on the pages of Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Glamour.


By: JD Hardin

With Suicide Squad releasing “Officially” Friday (unofficially Thursday), the press is swarming with rumors and accusations of what all those re-shoots actually entailed.

Recently Business Insider’s Jason Guerrasio had a sit-down with Captain Boomerang himself, Jai Courtney, and discussed the actual nature of the reshoots.

Guerrasio: How much reshooting was there? Set the record straight.

Courtney: I was a little pissed off by all the reports. The rumors around us having to inject levity into it and all this shit. It was silly because the movie already had all that. All we did was shoot a big action sequence that was changing the shape of another one we had already shot.

Guerrasio: The ending?

Courtney: Yeah. We were just doing stuff with Enchantress. We did things that introduced stuff earlier that they wanted to get rid of basically. Changing her ability to engage with the squad, they enhanced that interaction. It was normal. It was strengthening the ending. The original [ending] we shot was dope, it was just adding to it, not doing an alternative.

Guerrasio: So when you see this movie, you like it? There’s no feeling that they screwed it up in post?

Courtney: I fucking love this movie. It’s great to see it all come together. I love that about filmmaking and getting to see everyone else that you don’t necessarily engage with on set everyday and getting them to showcase their talents. Whether it’s effects, music, the edit, the rhythm of a film is driven by that, so it’s cool to see it come together. It’s great to be standing in front of something you’re genuinely proud of.


By: JD Hardin

DC continues it’s unraveling of their universe with Rebirth and it would seem, for the most part, Civil War II is in a cease fire this week with only three tie-ins releasing. Meanwhile, IDW continues to take a page out of DC’s book with an incredible amount of releases. This week’s releases are rather tame compared to normal, a few hot titles but overall it’s pretty quiet. Let’s change that!

Don’t forget to get your tickets to Suicide Squad!! You can join Toxic City Comics for a private screening at Star Cinema Grill Baybrook tomorrow night at 9:30! Get your tickets at Toxic City for $12!!!

Lets go raid the racks!!!

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