Jessica Jones S1E1 Review

Posted: November 20, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin, Movies, TV

By: JD Hardin

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So, it’s 8:51 AM on a Friday. I’m sitting at my desk with nothing to do but sit and watch Jessica Jones. Of course, I’m going to inform all of you exactly what I think of it.

Jessica Jones has got a lot of ground to cover. Comics on screen is the it thing these days. However, most of this ground has been covered by relatively well known characters. DC has had Clark Kent in Smallville, Green Arrow, The Flash, and nearly the entire Batman universe in Gotham, not to mention the huge fan disappointment at the cancellation of Constantine. Marvel has tackled relatively safe ground as well with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and due to the huge popularity of Agent Coulson, was very well received. Marvel also cranked out Daredevil through Netflix earlier this year with huge success.

Now, all these characters have been relatively well known through one source or another. Jessica Jones, however, comes onto the scene as an almost unknown character in the eyes of the non-comic reader. Her companion, Luke Cage, experienced moderate success and popularity during his run in The Defenders and The New Avengers. But, that was quite some time ago. The point is, this will be a story that will have to rely solely on it’s presentation and not notoriety.

So let’s get to the play by play….

Six minutes in and I’ve been surprised, a little shocked, and had a chuckle or two.

At fifteen minutes in, I’m captivated by this character and her story.

This is not a show for your children. Much like DC has been doing in their animated films for years, Marvel is tackling some very mature subjects in Jessica Jones. From language to sex, JJ shows an aspect of hero life that many have shied away form for nearly a century. That being said, this is a hero show that will appeal to all viewers in one aspect or another. Anyone who was a fan of Veronica Mars will love JJ, as it seems to be a more mature version with a lot of twists.

Hang on to your hats, folks. This is going to be a great ride.

5+Capes I loved every minute and can’t wait to watch more!!!!

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