451 Media Sets Pages Ablaze

Posted: November 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

By: JD Hardin


A while back, The Nerdery was contacted by 451 Media and wanted our input on some of their books. At the time, I hadn’t a clue what to expect from the publisher. I had never read any of their titles and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the New York based publisher. I can say with great confidence, I regret not picking up any of their books a long time ago. Don’t be mistaken, you will be too. They sent us seven issues, all #1’s of different titles with phenomenal results!



What, at first glance, seems to be a simple modern twist on the classic Peter Pan, surprises and ensnares you as you read. Peter and his friends just want to play music at their underground party called Neverland. However, the drug known as Pixie Dust seems to circulate Neverland leaving a wake of dead teenagers who attempt to fly, leaping to their death. Wendy, the daughter of the town’s new DA is a rebellious teen looking for the popular hangout in town, and with it almost certain death.

4.5 Capes for Peter and Wendy in their debut!

Maybe I’ve been binge watching Criminal Minds a little too much lately. Even so, Sunflower strikes home with this one. A widow in solitude receives a postcard that appears to be from her daughter who was thought to have been killed ten years prior. The suspect was never officially charged, even though it’s no secret he is guilty. Upon recognizing her daughter’s signature, CJ embarks on a mission to save her daughter and catch her kidnapper.

An incredible story from the start, Sunflower is a no frills crime series that doesn’t hesitate to establish an ominous resonance that the reader can’t ignore. By the end of the first issue, Sunflower assures it’s ability to disturb at an instinctual level.

Crank this one up to 11 on it’s first issue! I can’t wait to read more!

I’ve read more than my fair share of comics, I can admit that. But, less than half way through a stack of #1’s by 451 Media and I can say confidently that these are all a world in by themselves. Ex-Mortis takes place in Nazi Europe with Germany developing an undead army, leaving the Allies to come up with their own weapons to combat the Ex-Mortis soldiers.

The gritty black and white art compliment this book in the most entertaining way. Raymond Bermudez’s art is dark and ominous like early Mignola mixed with the depth of Stjepan Sejic finding an incredibly sinister balance that matches this story with frightening perfection. Pete and Paul Williams story gives you a back massage before pounding it with a meat tenderizer. The twists and turns from the expected make for a plot that is unpredictable and fresh.

Crank it up to 11 Capes for issue #1!



I think Clay McLeod Chapman has a delectably sick imagination and has a fascination with the T.V. show Storage Wars, and his final product is incredible! Once again, 451 likes to put you at ease and make you think that you know exactly what’s coming, and then give you the exact opposite. I’m not much for horror comics, but for 451 I’ll make an exception. I know this title has been ongoing for a while now, with at least six issues out right now and I plan to read every single one of them.

5 Capes for Self Storage #1


Image result for 451 BAD MOON RISING

The Vietnam War, Bikers, Werewolves, and a motorcycle gang, what do these ingredients make? An incredible story apparently. A signature 451 Media story, Bad Moon Rising leads you in a direction and stays on that path long enough to make you believe you know where it’s going. You’re so sure, and so wrong. Fantastic art and astronomical story telling combined with a perfect layout makes this title an easy read. With 26 pages of story, Bad Moon Rising #1 is an average length book that I tore through in quicker than average time. Easily addictive and loaded with detail, I love this book!

4.7 Capes for issue #1!



Humbug is a delightful adventure into fantasy and ghost stories. Centering on a post-Christman Carol Ebenezer Scrooge, “Tiny” Tim Cratchit, Bob Cratchit, and Frederick Holywell the Humbuggers are prolific paranormal investigators with a penchant for drama. Fill with beautifully colored art, good chuckles, and an overall lite mood, Humbug is a delectably colorful twist on an old tale, proving that old dogs are full of new tricks.

5 Capes to Scrooge and the Humbuggers on their first issue!



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