What Are We Talking About?

A glossary of terms you may see on this site or our broadcasts.


A collection of issues, normally from a single title, that compose a series. Arcs normally range from three to six issues.

Click Bait:

A misleading headline designed to lure a reader into clicking the link to an article that usually does not contain the information implied by the headline.


A story arc that takes place over several different titles with shared characters, happenings, and story. Events normally alter the shared universe in which they take place in large ways. These events in modern comics are often used to reset timelines, retcon origins, or resurrect dead characters.


A singular release of a monthly, bi-monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly comic periodical.


An issue released that is not intended to be continued. These are rarely canonical for their respective universe. One-Shots are usually intended for the sole purpose of telling a story from an alternate timeline, universe, or what would have transpired if something in the universe would have happened differently.


Pick of the Week:

Noted on What’s Out Wednesday with Red text.

A specific issue that has been highly anticipated, should have a large impact on it’s respective universe, or has been predicted to receive a high review rating.

The Nerdery Vault:

As items are sent to us by our sponsors, publishers, manufacturers, and fans like you, they accumulate and are put into our vault. This items will later be put into giveaways to our readers, followers, listeners, and watchers. The Vault is a method for us to keep a proper inventory of giveaways items and let items to accrue greater value before giving them to our fans.


A specific set of sequential issues of the same name that may be continuous, or based on a definite number of issues.

Top Rated Publisher:

Noted on What’s Out Wednesday with Orange text.

A truly difficult feat. To achieve this, a publisher must maintain a rating no lower than 4 on EVERY issue reviewed.

So far, a feat only held by three publishers. Top CowOverground Comics, and 451 Media.

Top Rated Title:

Noted on What’s Out Wednesday with Blue text.

A title that has received three ratings of 5+ throughout the latest three consecutive issues.


A collection of sequential arcs of a single title that make up a larger story.