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By: JD Hardin

In a world where DC and Marvel are keeping up with what might be trending after the last event, the independent publishers normally keep to the counter-culture of comics. Companies like Image, Zenescope, and Dark Horse like to keep their pages flush with adult themes, violence and gore. Gone are the days of mystery and adventure comics like Dick Tracy or Buck Rodgers. Even the Golden Boy, Superman has lost his luster in the new millennium. However, standing tall in this river of change and audacious maturity is independent Houston publisher Last Sentry Comics.

PictureI first encountered Last Sentry at an appearance at a local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day. The Nerdery was in it’s infancy and I was stunned at our first interaction. I wasn’t sure what to expect from writers and artists at the time, and their kind and friendly demeanor was definitely not what I had anticipated. At the time, The Nerdery was being flooded with comics from one to three man comic book companies, and I had spent the better part of three months cursing the fan fictions that were being pedaled as original characters with original histories and stories. What they handed me doesn’t belong in that category in the least. Liberty (an unreleased ashcan book) took my breath away with intense action and war story elements.

Stalker #1 blew me away with it’s format of paranormal and crime pulp and  is another book that is a “must read”. With mystery, drama, and feel of mob crime from the early 20th century, The Stalker is a beautiful amalgamation of art and story. As the flagship of Last Sentry Comics, it’s an amazing example of their philosophy, great stories appropriate for the whole family.

At Comicpalooza 2015, the guys shot us a copy of G.I. Bro and arranged us to interview Booker T. himself. G.I. Bro is an fantastic title written by pro wrestler, Booker T. and the Last Sentry team, and their passion for the story shows on every page. Vivid art, a gracefully progressing plot, and plenty of action adds up to a very straight forward story that won’t leave you grasping at straws for a clue.

Last Sentry Comics was our very first Top Rated Publisher, and from the looks of things, will be for a very long time. We make it a point to interact with them every time we see them. If you’re not keeping up with Last Sentry, you need to change that.

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