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By: JD Hardin

It’s been a long roller coaster of a year, but it’s almost over. Nerds the world over have lost a lot this year. From Jason Wingreen, the voice of Boba Fett, to Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia herself. Brace yourself, below is a partial list of those we’ve lost this year.

Jason Wingreen – Voice of Star Wars’ Boba Fett Dies at 95
Oscar-Winning Cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond Dead at 85
David Bowie – Legendary Entertainer Passes Away From Cancer at 69
Alan Rickman – ‘Harry Potter’ Actor Passes Away at 69
‘Grizzly Adams’ Star Dan Haggerty Dead at 74
Glenn Frey – Eagles Guitarist Passes Away at 67
Abe Vigoda – ‘The Godfather’ Actor Dies at 94
Jefferson Airplane’s Signe Toly Anderson Died the Same Day as Paul Kantner

Joe Alaskey – Famous Looney Tunes Voice Actor Dies at Age 63
Dave Mirra – BMX Star Dies of Apparent Suicide at 41
Katie May – Model & ‘Queen of Snapchat’ Dies at 34
George Gaynes – ‘Police Academy’ Actor Dies at 98
Harper Lee – ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Author Dies at 89
Tony Burton – ‘Rocky’ Actor Dies at 78
George Kennedy – ‘Cool Hand Luke’ Actor Dies at 91

Larry Drake – ‘L.A. Law’ Actor Dies at 66
Ken Howard – ’30 Rock’ Actor & SAG-AFTRA President at 71
Garry Shandling – ‘Larry Sanders Show’ Actor Dies at 66
David Smyrl – ‘Sesame Street’ Actor Dies at 80
Patty Duke – Oscar Winning Actress Dies at 69

Doris Roberts Dead – ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ & ‘Grandma’s Boy’ Actress Passes Away at 90
WWE Wrestler Joanie ‘Chyna’ Laurer Dead at 45
Prince – Legendary Singer Dies at 57
Billy Paul – ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ Philly Soul Singer Passes Away at 80
John Berry – Original Beastie Boys Member Dies at 52
Alan Young – ‘Mr. Ed’ Star Dies at 96
Muhammad Ali – Boxing Legend Dies at 74
Kimbo Slice – MMA Fighter Dies at 42
Gordie Howe – Canadian Hockey Legend Dies At 88
Christina Grimmie – at 22 After Concert Shooting, Rep Confirms
Michu Meszaros – ‘Alf’ Star Dies at 76
Ron Lester – ‘Varsity Blues’ Billy Bob Actor Dies at 45
Anton Yelchin – ‘Star Trek’ Star Dead After Freak Accident
Miss Cleo – TV Psychic Dies After Cancer Battle at 53
David Huddleston – ‘Big Lebowski’ Actor Dies at 85
Kenny Baker – ‘Star Wars’ Actor Behind R2-D2 Dies at 83
Matt Roberts – 3 Doors Down Ex-Guitarist Dies at 38
Gene Wilder – ‘Willy Wonka’ Actor Dies at 83

Jon Polito – Coen Brothers Movie Actor Dies at 65
Kim McGuire – ‘Cry Baby’ Actress Dead at 60
Charmian Carr – ‘Sound of Music’ Actress Dead at 73
Shawty Lo – Rapper Killed in Car Accident at Age 40
Bill Nunn – ‘Do the Right Thing’ Actor Dies at 62
Gary Glasberg – ‘NCIS’ Showrunner Dead at 50
Tommy Ford – ‘Martin’ Actor Dies at Age 52
Dylan Rieder – Pro Skateboard Dead at 28
Kevin Meaney – Veteran Stand-Up Comedian Dies at 60
Steve Dillon – Comic Book Artist & ‘Preacher’ Creator Dies at 54
Leonard Cohen – ‘Hallelujah’ Singer & Poet Dies at 82
Robert Vaughn – ‘Man From U.N.C.L.E’ Star Dies at 83
Leon Russell  – Famed Rocker Passes Away at 74
Florence Henderson Dead – ‘Brady Bunch’ Mom Dies at 82
Ron Glass – ‘Barney Miller’ Star Dies at 71
Alice Drummond – Character Actress Passes Away at 88
Peter Vaughan – ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Passes Away at 93
John Glenn – NASA Astronaut & Former Senator Dies At 95
Alan Thicke – ‘Growing Pains’ Actor Dies at 69
Bernard Fox – ‘Bewitched’ Actor  Dead at 89
Zsa Zsa Gabor – Hungarian Actress Dead at 99
Dick Latessa – ‘Hairspray’ Actor Dies at 87
George Michael – Musician at 53 – RIP
Ricky Harris – Comedian Passes Away at 54
Tricia Lynn McCauley Dead – ‘Step Up’ Actress Allegedly Murdered in Carjacking
Carrie Fisher Dead – Legendary ‘Star Wars’ Actress Passes Away at Age 60




By: JD Hardin

It’s another exciting day for readers as publishers are laying out a little of everything for us. Mechanism, Civil War II, Superman, Aquaman, Horizon, Zombie Tramp and so much more are available for the picking.

Unfortunately our sponsor Toxic City Comics has temporarily closed down for a little while. But, our friends at All Star Comics and Games are still in Baytown doing well.



By: JD Hardin

This past week on the show, we all reviewed Animosity #1 and it was a runaway hit. Scoring almost all 5’s, it got us excited to see #2 release today and expect good reviews. One of our favorite publisher’s 451 Media drops NVRLND #2 and we’re stoked! Civil War II and Rebirth are still going strong and Dark Horse and Image are releasing a flood of collected trades. So get down to see our friends at All Star Comics and get your books while you can!



By: JD Hardin

It’s that time of the week again. More comics, less money, more angry wifes and girlfriends. Oh well, they’ll still love us tomorrow (I hope). The Nerdery favorites Overground Comics and 451 Media present their latest offerings this week (can you feel the excitement). DC’s Rebirth continues it’s party with continued domination over the racks. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Civil War II seems to have fallen asleep somewhere. Marvel proceeds with plenty of tie-ins, but with no central story it’ll be hard to glue it all together. Image is on a roll with the much anticipated Eclipse #1, the top rated Beauty #10, and the unstoppable stampede that is the Top Cow imprint.

So waste no time getting these or you’ll miss out.




By: JD Hardin

It’s May 4th, and we all know what that means! MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU, IT’S STAR WARS DAY!! So, today I bring you all the dirt I can find on what’s coming with the Star Wars universe. We’ll start with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 


The Luke You’re Looking For

Posted: October 22, 2015 in JD Hardin, Movies

By: JD Hardin

First of all, in case you haven’t seen the new trailer, watch below.

Now, a lot of fans are asking “Where’s Luke Skywalker?”

There’s several theories as to the answer for that. So, lets entertain a few.


One theory is that Luke is in exile by his own hand. Having contributed to his fathers death, the assassination of the Emperor, and revealing the truth about their heritage to Leia, exile seems to be a possibility. Surely these actions would incur some very dramatic reactions from Leia, the remains of the Empire, and the rest of the Rebel Alliance as well. Not to mention the sheer emotional impact of witnessing his long-lost father die. Exile appears to be a very viable option.


Another theory speculates that Luke has turned to the Dark Side. Several of the post-ROTJ books have illustrated this possibility. Now, before you start writing us nasty emails, hear me out. The Sith lord we see in the trailer is very Vader-esque in appearance. That’s not much to go on considering he is a Sith but, consider his hands are covered, as is his face. We know that Mark Hamill is in the film, but all we have seen of him is one blurry leaked photo of him in Jedi robes, and the glimpse of his hand on R2-D2 while the rest of him remained cloaked in a black hood. All of these things give the Sith theory traction.

Get Ready

This next theory has definitely gained the biggest following, but your’s truly is in complete disagreement. The theory is that Abrams is saving Luke for later films. With the huge price tag of $200 million this movie is already carrying, it would seem overly cautious to not use Luke. The lack of set photos with Hamill assuredly puts extra weight on this theory. However, the return of the original cast is putting a lot of fan power behind this trilogy, to not capitalize on that could be potentially dangerous. Still, they may be saving him for later movies. We all know how J.J. Abrams likes to build up to things. If The Force Awakens only has glimpses of him, that could increase fan turnout due to anticipation.

By: JD Hardin


Here at The Nerdery, we do our best not to mislead our readers or listeners. That being the case, we tend to hesitate on some issues until we have a little more to go on. I’ve been sand bagging this particular article for over a week now. But today, I caught a rumor that is a little to tasty not to proceed.

With Rogue One slated for a December 2016 release, everyone is looking for what the second Star Wars: Anthology movie will center on. Rumors have been flying for quite some time that it will revolve around Boba Fett.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve already caught wind of that rumor. The rumor that you may not have heard is that Disney is courting Joss Whedon to direct the second Anthology film. Whedon is no stranger to Disney, having been heavily involved in the Disney MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) since 2011’s Thor.

The first anthology film will focus on the rebel forces that stole the plans to the Death Star. If Boba Fett does receive his own movie, there are many different directions that film could go.

We saw Boba as a child in Episode II and Episode III, however, there’s a great deal of time between III and Empire. A full length film featuring his exploits before he was the the deadliest bounty hunter in the galaxy, would make good sense from a explanatory standpoint.

A feature film starting at his escape from the Sarlaac pit would definitely answer a lot of questions. Especially if it included his eventual change of heart towards the Empire. It would be incredible to see his rise to Mandolore as well.


How cool do I think a Joss Whedon Star Wars film would be? Legen……wait for it…..dary. I will personally be keeping an eye on this as it develops. The Nerdery will bring it to you with utmost accuracy.

Pictures courtesy of comics.kingdom on instagram.