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By: JD Hardin

It’s Wednesday, that means a whole slew of new comics are on the racks! Both Marvel and Image have some exciting reprints coming out. It seems Marvel is getting ready for Spider-Man: Homecoming and are releasing a great deal of True Believer reprints of some of Spidey’s #1’s. Image is releasing a reprint of Spawn #1 complete with a foil cover and a director’s cut. I’m not 100% on what a Director’s Cut of a comic would be, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Plus, a new title from Top Rated Publisher, Top Cow is always worth getting excited about. DC is pushing out two more Warner Bros. crossovers this week that can’t be missed either. Come on, Elmer Fudd and Batman is going to be hilarious, and Jonah Hex and Yosemite Sam is just to perfect of a match up to miss. So without any further adieu…..