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By: Ricky Ramirez

So it’s been a small amount of time since the release of Apple’s iPhone 7, and Google’s Pixel. Both come in two sizes, have powerful processors, and pack enough RAM to keep their respective OS’s running snappy! We’ve managed to sway from the Windows Vs. Mac battle that began shortly after Apple hiring Bill Gates, to a mobile war between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Truth be told the gap between what a smartphone can do, and what a computer can do it getting much smaller by the minute. So what the big differences between the two flagships? And what makes a person buy one over the other? As a self proclaimed shifter, I have a deep love for both operating systems and the quality of these Image result for iphone 7two phones has me in limbo. On one hand the iPhone 7 packs the best benchmark scores, an amazing camera for both bright and low light, and an OS that barely sips battery life. The Pixel packs Qualcomm’s newest processor, has a beautiful AMOLED display, and features large batteries, with very fast charging. On the downside, both phones have built in batteries, and are not capable of wireless charging. Many have said the latter is for a niche market. I used a Samsung Galaxy S7 for a short time and loved the wireless charging feature. A big difference for me, is how iOS stores files within the apps, while Android allows storage anywhere within the file manager and in a folder just like a PC. I can download a PDF file, and open it in any app that’s able to read it.Image result for google pixel With iOS, I open the file in an app, and save that file to the app. I can read a PDF and save it to iBooks. It’s kind of annoying, but I make due. That’s just a small pain in the neck. The reason I’ve given both pros and cons, is because in my opinion, the perfect smartphone doesn’t exist. I’m completely torn, and would be happy owning, and recommending either phone. These two flagships are wonderful devices, and despite a few nit picky flaws, either one performs to excellent results. While both handsets are more expensive than most, these two are the best of the best. If this is an example of what’s to come in the world of smartphones, I’m excited for the future.

By: JD Hardin

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After 451Media sent us a group of #1’s, I had to see what Red Dog was all about. Having read so many of their first issues, I came to expect a lot from the independent publisher. They’ve branded into my brain that no matter how cliche the story may seem at first, my initial expectations couldn’t be more wrong.
Written by the genius, Rob Cohen, Red Dog is filled with the no-nonsense, direct story telling approach that has made his films such a success.Image result for 451MEDIA RED DOG