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By: JD Hardin

This past week has been amazing. Red Dog #4, Eclipse #7, and so much more just days after Houston’s Comicpalooza (more on that to come). After a slight delay, DC’s Button series continues, and rumor has it that it will lead up to the Countdown to Doomsday event. Looks like DC is working a pretty awesome long game. After a huge delay, Justice League VS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers continues with issue #4 (it’s about time). Meanwhile, Image celebrates its 25th anniversary and Spawn’s Anniversary with reprints of Spawn #1 and an array of Spawn variant covers for other titles. Marvel continues their Secret Empire with issue #2 and drops a new Luke Cage #1 and Generation X #1.

It’s never a bad week to be a comic book reader.




By: JD Hardin

Seriously, if you’re not reading 451Media, you’re missing out. The small New York publisher is putting out theImage result for RED DOG #4 best stories in comics right now and Red Dog is currently leading the way. With intense emotion, an unpredictable story and characters you can’t help to identify with, it’s no wonder Red Dog hasn’t ever received a bad review.

Red Dog #4 is scheduled to hit the racks this Wednesday and should fly off the shelves. The incredible staff at 451 know exactly how to draw you into every story and allow you to truly experience every panel as if you were in the book. Red Dog sets itself apart from other comics by bringing you into story that has a good wholesome Lassie feel, but with the danger of Star Trek. Issue #3 left us on the very edge of our seats and #4 does the exact same.

Kyle has put himself in extreme danger in order to rescue Red, a seemingly impossible mission. With the rest of the pack in tow, Kyle ventures further and further away from the colony amid swarms of enemies, predators and a lethal environment. Kyle’s father and uncle lead a search party, desperate to find the colony’s only child.

True to 451 Media’s form, the issue delivers the exact opposite of what was expected. Where past issues move you from one emotion to a complete opposite emotion, the fourth issue leads you from mild excitement to pure terror to incredible dread. The issue crescendo’s into a cliffhanger that will take your breath away.

Issue #4 is irrefutably the best issue in the series to date.

Crank this bad boy to 11!!!


I don’t know about all of you, but I’m stoked for RED DOG #3. Don’t believe me, READ THIS. 451Media has set the trend to tell stories that you can’t predict, and it’s awesome. JL/MMPR is out as is a ton of Venomized covers for Marvel. I can’t be upset when the racks are flooded with this much awesome.

Let’s quit wasting time and…….



By: JD Hardin


This is by far the hardest review to write that I have ever done. For the sake of doing this book justice, I feel it necessary to delve into the complexity of events that unfold within the issue. But as a fan, I feel that I am required to refrain from issuing any spoilers. Just keep that in mind as you read.

Being on the list for The Nerdery’s Top Rated Publishers is no easy feat. To be considered, a publisher must publish multiple titles and each issue reviewed by The Nerdery must be rated 4+ or higher. Not only has 451Media done this, they’ve done it with a perfect score, the only publisher to do so. Top Rated Publisher is not a badge that a publisher can expect to hold forever. However, 451Media has been setting the bar pretty high for the rest of the comic book industry. While DC and Marvel are content with setting up for the next “Scooby Doo style” scrape, 451Media doesn’t settle for just having  you on the edge of your seat. The outstanding publisher provides an amalgamation of emotions that has no rival. Each title is flush with handcrafted perfection taking you for a journey through elation, terror, suspense, sorrow, remorse and anger.

Red Dog003_04No comic issue is a better example of this than Red Dog #3. Issue #2 closed with Kyle’s dog bots landing him and themselves in serious trouble. With the incredible grace, issue #3 opens to the colony’s council deciding the fate of the beloved canine androids.

I would love to go into further plot detail, but that would ruin the book for you. The story moves along with the intensity increasing with each panel, and personally, this is the best written book I am currently reading. The art is absolutely amazing and the colors are tailor-fit to the emotion on every page. The crew of Red Dog are bursting with talent in every aspect of comic book production. This one of the easiest books I’ve ever had to rate


451Media’s motto is “Imagination On Fire”, it’s apparent that they truly live by that. The plot twists are never ending and are original in ways that can’t be explained with words. Having read a mountain of their comics, they’ve gained a serious lifetime reader.

It’s safe to say that 451 has earned this….


By: JD Hardin


Red Dog #1 left us with quite the cliffhanger, and #2 definitely puts a nice finish on that. True to 451Media style, Red Dog #2 will pull the floor from beneath your feet.


After the end of its first issue, I wasn’t sure what to expect in issue two. I thought the story might spiral into all sorts of new dangers, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Issue #2 gave me a wholesome, lighthearted story that elicited more than a few chuckles and even an “awe” from me. I don’t normally go for the “warm and fuzzy” books. Usually the “Slice of Americana” seems manufactured and disingenuous however, such is not the case here. The sheer amount of pure, kindhearted fun could only come from sincere writers who truly respect a “Norman Rockwell” society, rather than the usual scenario of just trying to profit off one.

The art is clean and crisp with that awesome “rust” coloring that helps keep the danger in the forefront of your mind. The inking is defined without being overbearing, and the emotion portrayed by each characters’ body language and facial expression should be the bench mark that the rest of the comic book industry is compared with. Red Dog #2 reminds us how incredibly entertaining and exhilaration a comic book can really be.

Written by Hollywood action king, Rob Cohen and adapted by the incredibly talented Andi Ewington, Red Dog is a twisting turning tale of adventure and mystery. Reminiscent of classic Americana such as Lassie, the story has a wholesome quality that so many other writers attempt to emulate, but comes as natural as breathing for the 451Media crew. The wholesome goodness is homogenized with overtones of peril. Rob Cohen and Andi Ewington portray the perfect balance of suspense and old fashioned fun. Danger and death seem to be writhing inches away from the reader at all times. Even in an upbeat and overall lighthearted issue such as this, it is never out of mind that doom is kept at bay by little more than a piece of glass.

A perfect 5 out of 5 capes!!!
Be sure to grab it January 11th, 2017!!! And look for it on next week’s What’s Out Wednesday!!!


By: JD Hardin

Image result for 451MEDIA RED DOG


After 451Media sent us a group of #1’s, I had to see what Red Dog was all about. Having read so many of their first issues, I came to expect a lot from the independent publisher. They’ve branded into my brain that no matter how cliche the story may seem at first, my initial expectations couldn’t be more wrong.
Written by the genius, Rob Cohen, Red Dog is filled with the no-nonsense, direct story telling approach that has made his films such a success.Image result for 451MEDIA RED DOG