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It’s that time again, time to get to your local comic book store and binge like the fiends that we are. Dark Knight III is finally back with issue 6 (it’s about time). Top Rated Titles Mechanism, Symmetry and The Beauty all drop new offerings this week. KISS releases a slew of variant covers for the first issue of their newest comic book series. And, be on the lookout for Top Rated Publisher 451 Media and their latest offering Sunflower #6.



By: JD Hardin

Marvel and DC are still duking it out to see who will take the biggest sales numbers for July. Civil War II and Rebirth are two major events that seem to have opposite intentions for their respective publishers. The events also seem to be having an opposite effect from what was originally intended. Civil War II was meant to throw utter chaos into the Marvel Universe. Instead, it seems to be cleaning house. Divided characters, deaths, and clear definitions are drawing pretty dark lines for the fans to distinguish this from that. On the other side of the fence, DC’s Rebirth planned to clean up the New 52, DC You, and Pre-New 52 continuities and make everything as streamlined as a multiverse can get. What DC is actually doing is making a total mess of everything. While it is entertaining, it is very frustrating and confusing with 3+ Supermen, 2 Flashes and who knows what’s going on with Aquaman.

Anyhow, Postal Volume 3 has officially begun!!!  excuse me………..

I must be going now……

I’ve got to raid the racks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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