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I don’t know about all of you, but I’m stoked for RED DOG #3. Don’t believe me, READ THIS. 451Media has set the trend to tell stories that you can’t predict, and it’s awesome. JL/MMPR is out as is a ton of Venomized covers for Marvel. I can’t be upset when the racks are flooded with this much awesome.

Let’s quit wasting time and…….



By: JD Hardin

As usual, it’s a great week to be a reader. DC’s Justice League VS Mighty Morphin Power Rangers makes its debut, Nerdery favorite, Moonshine, unleashes its fourth issue, and most of all 451Media’s Red Dog #2 is now available to the masses. We also have rumor of Liv Tyler’s return to the role of Betty Ross and casting suspicions of Poison Ivy.

It’s rarely a bad week to be a comic book fan, but the last decade has been more than kind to us. Yes, we all know that guy who just watched a movie or two and is now pestering you with questions. Be kind and share your wealth of knowledge. You weren’t always the encyclopedia you are today. One day he may become an encyclopedia as well. Share your nerdism with the people around you, it will ensure its survival.

Let’s go RAID THE RACKS!!!