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By: JD Hardin

Sorry for the absence folks, but we’re back with more WOW!! This week, Ben Reilly faces of with Kane. That’s right, Scarlet Spider VS. Scarlet Spider in an web slinging brawl. Postal returns kicking off a new volume, and the upper echelons of the Green Lantern Corps must decide how to handle a severe problem inside their ranks which may threaten the partnership with the Sinestro Corps.

No matter what you’re into, there’s a comic book tailor made just for you.






By: JD Hardin

Seriously, if you’re not reading 451Media, you’re missing out. The small New York publisher is putting out theImage result for RED DOG #4 best stories in comics right now and Red Dog is currently leading the way. With intense emotion, an unpredictable story and characters you can’t help to identify with, it’s no wonder Red Dog hasn’t ever received a bad review.

Red Dog #4 is scheduled to hit the racks this Wednesday and should fly off the shelves. The incredible staff at 451 know exactly how to draw you into every story and allow you to truly experience every panel as if you were in the book. Red Dog sets itself apart from other comics by bringing you into story that has a good wholesome Lassie feel, but with the danger of Star Trek. Issue #3 left us on the very edge of our seats and #4 does the exact same.

Kyle has put himself in extreme danger in order to rescue Red, a seemingly impossible mission. With the rest of the pack in tow, Kyle ventures further and further away from the colony amid swarms of enemies, predators and a lethal environment. Kyle’s father and uncle lead a search party, desperate to find the colony’s only child.

True to 451 Media’s form, the issue delivers the exact opposite of what was expected. Where past issues move you from one emotion to a complete opposite emotion, the fourth issue leads you from mild excitement to pure terror to incredible dread. The issue crescendo’s into a cliffhanger that will take your breath away.

Issue #4 is irrefutably the best issue in the series to date.

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By: JD Hardin

Image result for speak no evil comic

Most of the time my comic book choices revolve around realistic titles from Image and other independent publishers, and a select few DC titles. The sci-fi and paranormal books are not what I would call my wheelhouse. But when a publisher sends me a book outside of my norm, I jump at the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone. I certainly don’t waste any opportunity to read a free book.

Recently Houston local publisher, Gray Bear Comics, sent me issue 1 & 2 of their flagship title, Speak No Evil. Honestly, I was a little skeptical at first. I’ve received a large amount of comics from small publishers that were absolutely terrible.

At this point I can happily say that Speak No Evil is a lot of fun. There’s little doubt that the book is geared toward a more mature audience with a little strong language, and copious amounts of blood. Samir Simão‘s art is a mix of Brent Schoonover and Dan Schoening (Back to the Future [2016]) and Bob Montana (Archie Comics) sprinkled with the tone of Eduardo Risso (100 Bullets, Dark Night: A True Batman Story). At first glance, the panels seem a little unpolished, but with a good look they feature far more detail and texture than expected. The grit in every panel fits the story like a well-tailored tuxedo on a British Spy.

The writing features aspects and influences from all over. H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, and even a little Mark Twain resonates through the pages of Speak No Evil. It’s more than obvious that Justin Corbett and George Tripsas have obviously submerged themselves in literature beyond comic books, setting their writing on a level well beyond that of an average graphic novel.

This is definitely a 5 out of 5 book! Click here to get your copy!!