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By: JD Hardin

On July 11, 2012 comic book fans finally got a Judge Dredd film they felt they deserved. While I have read quite a few Dredd comics, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a die hard Dredd fan. Regardless of that fact, I found the ’95 film to be an insult to the property and the genre of comic book films as a whole. While Stallone had the potential to play Dredd perfectly (yeah, I said that), the script and story didn’t have a clue of what Judge Dredd is really all about.

Seventeen years later, I caught wind that the property had released another film. Yep, I had missed the theatrical release by about a year. I asked a few friends if they knew about it and the one’s who did either saw it at the theater by chance or thought it was a straight to video release. That speaks volumes about the kind of marketing the film experienced. That’s quite a shame. The film is absolutely incredible and Karl Urban brings the post-apocalyptic character an incredible presence. Staying true to the comics, Judge Dredd never removes his helmet. While this makes for an impressive and unwavering appearance, it makes the role incredibly difficult for the actor. Urban commented on the fact that the role was his most challenging role as he was forced to convey all emotions with body language and the lower part of his face. In spite of the severe difficulty in playing the role, Urban did an incredible job as Dredd.