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By: JD Hardin

With Suicide Squad releasing “Officially” Friday (unofficially Thursday), the press is swarming with rumors and accusations of what all those re-shoots actually entailed.

Recently Business Insider’s Jason Guerrasio had a sit-down with Captain Boomerang himself, Jai Courtney, and discussed the actual nature of the reshoots.

Guerrasio: How much reshooting was there? Set the record straight.

Courtney: I was a little pissed off by all the reports. The rumors around us having to inject levity into it and all this shit. It was silly because the movie already had all that. All we did was shoot a big action sequence that was changing the shape of another one we had already shot.

Guerrasio: The ending?

Courtney: Yeah. We were just doing stuff with Enchantress. We did things that introduced stuff earlier that they wanted to get rid of basically. Changing her ability to engage with the squad, they enhanced that interaction. It was normal. It was strengthening the ending. The original [ending] we shot was dope, it was just adding to it, not doing an alternative.

Guerrasio: So when you see this movie, you like it? There’s no feeling that they screwed it up in post?

Courtney: I fucking love this movie. It’s great to see it all come together. I love that about filmmaking and getting to see everyone else that you don’t necessarily engage with on set everyday and getting them to showcase their talents. Whether it’s effects, music, the edit, the rhythm of a film is driven by that, so it’s cool to see it come together. It’s great to be standing in front of something you’re genuinely proud of.