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By: JD Hardin

Captain America: Civil War has been out almost a week, and Civil War has been getting rave reviews all over. Everyone is talking about Captain America. In just over two weeks, FOX will release the next chapter in the X-Men franchise. So where’s the buzz?

Apocalypse was one of the X-Men’s greatest enemies. No doubt, this should be the most epic film in the franchise. So, why aren’t people excited to see the immortal mutant on screen? While Deadpool boasted a measly $58M budget, X-Men: Apocalypse is reported to have a monstrous budget of $234M. We can all agree that Deadpool was an incredible credit to our obsession. What can you buy for four times the price? The public doesn’t seem too interested in the answer. FOX has kept up with their rivals every step of the way. Behind the scenes photos “leaked” on social media, teaser trailer releases, even major press. So why might this movie fall off the nerd radar for the year?