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By: JD Hardin

It’s the best week of the year to be a comic book fan. If you aren’t, now is the time to become one. This Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!!! That’s right, free comic books. Come see The Nerdery at All Star Comics and Games in Baytown, TX and Dimensions Comics in Seabrook, TX.

It’s an awesome week regardless of FCBD. Marvel is releasing an onslaught of #1’s and Secret Empire drops its #1 as well. DC’s The Button saga continues with Batman #22. 451Media’s Stained has already broken the publisher’s record for pre-orders and stock orders. Having read it, you’re not going to want to miss this amazing title.

Come see the 451Media crew at Comicpalooza NEXT WEEK!!!! (Click the link on the left hand side of the screen to get your tickets!!!)




By: JD Hardin


Oh, all this excitement is gonna give me a heart attack. For Houston locals it’s convention season. And we have a lot of cons coming like GoGames360, Comicpalooza, Anime Matsuri, Delta H and so many more. These guys are already announcing guests!!! GoGames is going to be a 40 hour gaming MARATHON!! Robert Englund is going to be at Comicpalooza!! Freddy himself!!! If you’re not excited, you need to check your pulse!



By: JD Hardin


The extremely popular Phoenix Comicon has been a staple for Arizona comic book fans since 2002 and has always been a place that fans and volunteers feel welcomed. Just like the majority of conventions around the world, people may volunteer to work for free (or paid depending on state labor laws) and be able to attend the convention when they’re not occupied with their duties. However, this year will be different for the Arizona convention. Volunteers will be required to join the Blue Ribbon Army. Memberships range from $20-$100 and DO NOT guarantee that you will be able to volunteer at Phoenix Comicon. This turn of events has hopeful participants up in arms. This is the first time anyone has heard of a volunteer having to pay to volunteer!
Naturally this has caused quite a stir in the convention community.


Matt Hawkins

By: JD Hardin


Regular fans of the show are no stranger to his name. Thanks to everyone who voted for The Nerdery’s Best of 2015 poll, he won in nearly every category he was nominated for. Putting pen to paper for nearly thirty years, he has published thousands of comics and created incredible titles such as The Tithe, Symmetry, Postal, Think Tank, and so much more. Unbeknownst to many of his fans, Matt’s intelligence extends far beyond the pages of the comics we know and love so much. Holding a Masters degree in physics from Cal Tech, he bears a great deal of resemblance to Dr. David Lorens, the main character from the recently returned Think Tank. It goes without saying, Matt is a very intelligent guy.

Normally accompanied in the back of each of his comics is a brief (sometimes very thorough) summary of his research.

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Hawkins twice and have attended a few of his panels.  Take a look at an interview right here…

An extremely likable and talented individual, Matt Hawkins is one of the busiest guys in comic books. With more than a few ongoing titles for which he bears sole writing responsibility, it’s amazing the level of energy he exudes.

Known for:


Think Tank


The Tithe

Eden’s Fall


Aphrodite IX

and so much more!!

See what Top Cow is up to!!

Buy Top Cow here!!

By: JD Hardin

Congradulations to our own Chris Ramirez!! His interview with Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell, just got featured on the heavy metal e-news site Blabbermouth!!!

This is a pretty big deal for us, we don’t consider ourselves as a music reporting site. Chris had a blast doing the interview, and we’re glad everyone likes it so much. They incorrectly reported the convention as taking place in San Antonio, but we’ll take it as a WIN!!!!

Have a look………..

A special thanks to Blabbermouth for using our interview for more people to see!!

By: JD Hardin

It’s a fantastic week here at The Nerdery. Our friends over at Toxic City Comics are celebrating their one year anniversary. So come out, meet us and hang out as we will be broadcasting LIVE. There will be food, drinks, live music and so much more. We’ll be right here.

Don’t forget, Comicpalooza is coming up. Be sure to BOOK YOUR TICKETSRESERVE YOUR HOTEL so you can stay right next to the action, and GET YOUR AUTOGRAPH AND PHOTO OPS.

Now, it’s time to raid the racks. Marvel finally kicks off the event that fans have been (more…)

By: JD Hardin

As many of you know, we try to keep you up to date on everything in the comic book world, especially here in Houston. Comicpalooza is just around the bend and with it comes the glory of all those artists and writers associated with our passion. So, I’ve taken the time to get every profile I can of the comic book guests. It’s taken a bit of time, and remember, not everyone that is going to be there will be on this list. But, I will do everything I can to add more profiles as we get closer to the big day.

For those of you who haven’t bought your tickets, now is the time to CLICK HERE to get them. Don’t forget to book your hotel so you can enjoy every minute of the convention without having a long drive every morning and evening. Last, but not least, sign up for your autograph or photo op.


Comicpalooza-Podcast-Program-2016 HEADER

By: JD Hardin

If you missed FCBD, don’t fret. Our friends at Toxic City Comics sell comics six days a week. It’s a great week for releases with a lot of favorites hitting the stand today. From Batman and Superman, to Silk and Gwenpool. Top Cow Productions drop Think Tank #2 today, and The Nerdery is PUMPED. Keep in mind, May 21st is Toxic City’s one year anniversary. They are going to throwing a huge party and you’re invited. We will be there broadcasting LIVE from Toxic City as well. So get down there and get your fix!!!

Support Literacy, Read Comics!!!


What’s Out Wednesday

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin

The sales numbers from April are in, and apparently, Marvel isn’t very happy. Of course, they have no reason to be. Of the top ten comics, Marvel held only four places with all four of their Star Wars titles. DC, however, held the other six places. This increased DC’s market share to 30.19%, compared to Marvel’s 34.15%. Granted, Marvel still retains the largest portion of the market. Their lead has greatly diminished. 

   Now the reason I’m writing all this is Marvel can feel the heat of competition, as evidences by their onslaught of releases so far this month. This week in particular we are bombarded with A-Force #1, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #1, Master of Kung-Fu #1, Battleworld #1, Spider-Verse #1, Planet Hulk #1, Daredevil #1, Ultimate End #1, and Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever #1. These are just the #1’s for this week, there are fourteen ongoing titles that are also being released today. For those of you hoping to get Uncanny X-Men #600, you’re going to have to wait a while. In true Marvel form, it has been pushed back.

 DC is sitting on the haunches of Convergence #7 and ten of its tie ins. However, to keep things interesting, Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #11 and Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman will be dropped to keep the pulse rates going. DC’s mature readers’ label, Vertigo, is releasing Mad Max: Fury Road: Nux & Immortan Joe #1. (Listen into our podcast for a review)

Image is giving us another issue of Spawn, Stray Bullets #4, The Tithe #2 (listen in for a review and interview with writer, Matt Hawkins), Trees #9, Satellite Sam #14, and so much more.
As always, there are more releases than I can list. So, get to your local comic book shop and get your fix. Don’t forget to like often, share often, and listen often. We will also be broadcasting LIVE from Comicpalooza Friday at 6pm CST. 

By: JD Hardin


Most of have seen the Batman VS Superman trailer, and more and more people are starting to see the connection to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. The question is no longer “Is that where this story will come from?” But rather, “How similar will they be?”


Zack Snyder has said outright that it would not be a direct representation of the graphic novel. It could be assumed, however, that it will take a lot of inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns.


Rumors have begun to fly stating that we will be seeing a Bruce Wayne who has retired due to a “Death in the Family”. ( For those that are unaware, “A Death In the Family” is a particular Batman arc in which The Joker kills, the then Robin, Jason Todd.) Seeing a stranger demolish half a city in an all out alien duel, Bruce dons the cowl once more.


It has also been rumored that we will see glimpses of The Joker in Dawn Of Justice. This rumor gives a bit more credit to the last. Seeing as how they are glimpses, we very well may see him in flashbacks of Jason Todd’s murder.


Speaking hypothetically, if the rumors are true, DoJ will be  combination of A Death In The Family and The Dark Knight Returns. If they turn out to be false, I still doubt anyone will be dssappointed by the result.