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Here it is folks, what you’ve been waiting (way too long) for, WOW. The Hunt For Wolverine expands it’s wake with the Adamantium Agenda, Thrawn #4 drops for all you Star Wars fans along with The Last Jedi #1. DC fans have a new saga to be engulfed with, No Justice will illustrate the fallout from the events of Metal. The upcoming Bruce Wayne wedding, and Flash Wars should sell out quick. Image is dropping a slew of #2’s and what looks like an epic crossover between Spawn and Witchblade. Don’t forget about Zack Kaplan’s Port of Earth, dropping it’s fifth issue. On the smaller scale, Black Mask drops Calexit #3 (you’ve got to read this).

You really can’t go wrong at the comic book store. So, be brave and read something new, because you never know what you just might love.




By: Pati Locke

We woke today with the news of Adam West’s passing. Adam was such a huge part of a lot of our childhoods and even into our adulthood, so this news hit so many of us hard. I know I can’t be the only one that ran around in my Batman Under-roos pretending to save the day from a nasty villain or to this day still wanting his fun gadgets neatly tucked away in that utility belt. He was best known from his portrayal of Batman from the 1966-68 T.V. series and the younger generation might better know him from Family Guy, where he played a comical  version of himself. Adam had been acting since 1959 and worked right up until his passing so everyone has come across him from at least one of his many projects. He’s done everything from serious films, kids movies to cartoons (adult and children’s). In any project he worked he was immediately recognizable, his voice alone is iconic. You can’t help but adore a serious actor who is comfortable enough to make fun of himself or take on more comical roles. I think that’s one thing that made him so endearing. It breaks my heart to lay another legend to rest. Rest In Peace Mr. West we will carry you in our childhood memories and remember you always. Our deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends from all of us here at The Nerdery.