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By: JD Hardin

It’s Wednesday, that means a whole slew of new comics are on the racks! Both Marvel and Image have some exciting reprints coming out. It seems Marvel is getting ready for Spider-Man: Homecoming and are releasing a great deal of True Believer reprints of some of Spidey’s #1’s. Image is releasing a reprint of Spawn #1 complete with a foil cover and a director’s cut. I’m not 100% on what a Director’s Cut of a comic would be, but it’s exciting nonetheless. Plus, a new title from Top Rated Publisher, Top Cow is always worth getting excited about. DC is pushing out two more Warner Bros. crossovers this week that can’t be missed either. Come on, Elmer Fudd and Batman is going to be hilarious, and Jonah Hex and Yosemite Sam is just to perfect of a match up to miss. So without any further adieu…..





By: JD Hardin


Those who watch or listen to the show are well aware that I’m a big DC fan. For those that don’t, yes I prefer DC over Marvel. Before you pick up your pitchforks or light your torches, I’ll explain in article upcoming. That being said, currently one of the reasons is the price. The market standard is right about $3.99 a book. That price covering the majority of Marvel, Dark Horse, Image and other publisher’s issues. DC has been rebelling against that for some time with a $2.99 cover price on most of their individual issues. Of course, these prices are not set in stone and some books go for as high as $9.99 on the cover however, usually these books are bigger, crossovers, or Prestige format. DC has been keeping their price down for quite some time with a great deal of success. However, Marvel has been putting digital comic codes in their comics for some time while DC did not. DC will be targeting that niche market with these titles along with increasing the cover prices.

Have no fear, the standard DC titles that we all know and love will remain at their normal $2.99 price tag for the current time. So Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fans have nothing to worry about.

Image result for ALL STAR BATMANAll Star Batman


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

Batman Beyond


Blue Beetle


The HellblazerImage result for THE HELLBLAZER

New Super-Man

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Super Sons



Teen Titans