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By:  JD Hardin

It’s NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!!!! There’s alot of great stuff coming out for all of you fiends out there.

All the power with none of the responsibility, Ben Reilly makes his return!!! The second issue in the DC Button series is released (Flash #21)




By: JD Hardin

There’s a lot going on in the world right now; North Korean Tensions, Syria, NHL Playoffs, and everything else. I find my escape in comics. With genres ranging from horror and suspense to superheroes and alternate realities, there’s a title out there just for you.

Image has a series of April Fool’s variant covers that are hilarious, DC and Marvel are releasing a series of trades this week, and Eclipse comes back to put us on the edge of our seats.

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By: JD Hardin



Josh Brolin has reportedly signed a four picture deal to play Cable in Deadpool 2.

Is it real? Brolin most recently came to the big screen as Eddie Mannix in last year’s Hail, Caeser!  Comic book fans will know him from the multiple MCU films as the mad Titan Thanos.

The highly talked topic of “Who will play Cable?” started with the credits scene from the first Deadpool film. The tease issued by none other than Deadpool himself.

Cable, also known as Nathan Summers, is the child of Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor (a clone of Jean Grey), who was transported into the future as an infant. For years Cable popped in and out of Marvel’s main continuity and timeline. In 2004 Cable was paired with Deadpool in Cable & Deadpool. Their polar opposite personalities has made Cable a constant inside of Deadpool comics ever since. While the characters have a hilarious and sometimes violent chemistry, the two are often depicted and expected together. Such was the case with Deadpool in 2016.

Image result for josh brolin as thanos

The biggest news here isn’t necessarily Cable’s casting. If Brolin does appear as Cable, he will be the first actor to appear in both the FMU and the MCU simultaneously. I know, it’s shocking. FOX’s history of being unwilling to accept any sort of agreement with Marvel Entertainment has caused quite a rift between the two companies. If Brolin signed a four picture deal, will he still be allowed to appear in the MCU?

This story will continue to draw attention as it unfolds.


By: JD Hardin

DC is at it again. On the tail of the incredible He-Man/Thundercats, and the riveting Justice League/Power Rangers, the power house drops four more crossovers; Adam Strange/Future Quest, Booster Gold/The Flintstones, Green Lantern/Space Ghost, and the Suicide Squad/The Banana Splits. Watch out for these titles, they’re going to be HOT!!! Not to mention the long awaited DKIII #8.

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I don’t know about all of you, but I’m stoked for RED DOG #3. Don’t believe me, READ THIS. 451Media has set the trend to tell stories that you can’t predict, and it’s awesome. JL/MMPR is out as is a ton of Venomized covers for Marvel. I can’t be upset when the racks are flooded with this much awesome.

Let’s quit wasting time and…….



By: JD Hardin

It’s NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!!! I should calm down but I can’t, there’s so much coming out that it’s easy to find a reason to get excited. Beauty is back at it, so is Marvel with a slew of True Believers prints including Old Man Logan #1. Shirts are coming to The Nerdery, so stay glued to this website to get yours!!!

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By: JD Hardin

Comics are one of those things that will spend weeks being pretty good, and then on week will drop a figurative piano of greatness on your head. Call this piano week. JLA V Power Rangers, JLA Rebirth #1, three new true believers issues, Hal Jordan, Clark Kent, Jessica Jones, Kingpin and top it all off with Moonshine, and that’s a helluva week.

Buckle up kiddos, it’s going to be an awesome week.



By: JD Hardin


Those who watch or listen to the show are well aware that I’m a big DC fan. For those that don’t, yes I prefer DC over Marvel. Before you pick up your pitchforks or light your torches, I’ll explain in article upcoming. That being said, currently one of the reasons is the price. The market standard is right about $3.99 a book. That price covering the majority of Marvel, Dark Horse, Image and other publisher’s issues. DC has been rebelling against that for some time with a $2.99 cover price on most of their individual issues. Of course, these prices are not set in stone and some books go for as high as $9.99 on the cover however, usually these books are bigger, crossovers, or Prestige format. DC has been keeping their price down for quite some time with a great deal of success. However, Marvel has been putting digital comic codes in their comics for some time while DC did not. DC will be targeting that niche market with these titles along with increasing the cover prices.

Have no fear, the standard DC titles that we all know and love will remain at their normal $2.99 price tag for the current time. So Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman fans have nothing to worry about.

Image result for ALL STAR BATMANAll Star Batman


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey

Batman Beyond


Blue Beetle


The HellblazerImage result for THE HELLBLAZER

New Super-Man

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Super Sons



Teen Titans



By: JD Hardin

It’s a relatively sleepy week for readers. What few events that are currently happening, don’t have any direct issues out this week. Cheer up though, Ben Reilly is coming back, Comicpalooza is just around the corner and GoGames360 is almost here!!

Yes, DC will be raising prices on a few titles (full write up coming) but they will be adding digital codes in those books. So I don’t expect a drop in sales. Marvel has been doing just that for years to great success.

I seem to be rambling…………..

Let’s go RAID THE RACKS!!!


By: JD Hardin

Sometimes news comes down the wire that you all should really be aware of. But rarely does it come with enough information for a full write-up. So instead, I’m combining a few of those things to get it to you.

Hellboy III?

Yeah, Ron Perlman and Mike Mignola have both told us it’s not going to happen. It would appear that may not be definitive. There’s still a few hours left, SO GO VOTE!!!


Action Comics #1 For $15.99

action-comics-1Yep, that’s right. LootCrate’s January box carries an Origin label. What all will be in it for sure is currently unknown (as per usual). But it has been confirmed that it will contain a reprint of Action Comics #1. The comic book that started the superhero trend that we enjoy so much today. DC has issued several reprints over the years, each printed on the current paper standard with the adds updated as well. One reprint added pages that were removed from the final draft of the original print. LootCrate is giving us something special. This reprint will be printed on 1938 standard papers with all the original adds. More than likely LootCrate will have their logo printed on the cover somewhere, aside from that, it will be an extremely loyal representation of the 10 cent trendsetter.