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By: JD Hardin

We’ve been hard at work for all you fans out there. We have a lot going on behind the scenes to bring you more news, more reviews, and in better ways.

We will soon be on YouTube with our own channel. The current plan will give you interviews with people from the various industries that we cover. We would also like to give you a video podcast, and if feasible, a live video feed on Sunday nights.


Also coming, will be our own vape line thanks to Captain Jack’s E-lixers. All fluids will be hero or villain associated names and flavors. We have two flavors confirmed with much much more in R&D.

Manga is completely autonomous from traditional comic books, but is still a comic book. So, Chris will be getting his own section HERE for all our Manga fans.

We also are in development stages for a charity. This charity will give comics to children who are in need and well deserving. Everyone needs a hero.

There is much more that is being discussed. As things move along towards fruition, we will keep all of you informed on all of the details. We hope you’re as excited as we are for these expansions.

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Listen in Friday, May 22 at 6pm CST. We will be LIVE from Comicpalooza!

Myst On My TV

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Klint Abston, PC Gaming, TV

By: Klint Abston


Ah, Myst, you classic point andclick masterpiece that had me jotting down more notes than a nuclear engineer would ever need to take.  With all of its puzzles and a story that stands as one of the best ever written it is no surprise that it has been considered several times for a feature length movie but sadly,they never panned out. It is looking however, like a TV series based on the game is in the works.  A script has been completed and Hulu seems to be interested. If approved it could go straight to a series rather than just a pilot. Here’s to hoping.  Now where is my notepad……..

He hasn’t been with us very long. Having only joined us a few weeks ago, Klint Abston came out swinging, writing an article a day a few days in a row during his first week. Klint writes our PC gaming articles and is a very gifted writer. We’re so very grateful to have him on our team.


(I hope you don’t mind me grabbing this-JD)

Everyone wish him a Happy Birthday on our Facebook!!!

Sweet Revenge

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Klint Abston, PC Gaming

By: Klint Abston


Have you ever encountered a hacker? No No, not the young Angelina Jolie type from the classic “Hackers”…..although a boy can dream. I’m talking about the type of gamer that lacks the skill to compete on equal footing or just likes to watch the game world that you love burn. In the last few weeks a hacker had been terrorizing the MMO Guild Wars 2 massive PvP game mode World vs World. Players had noticed a character taking and dealing massive damage beyond what any normal player could achieve and flying around so quickly that the Man of Steel himself would be envious. The game’s official forum was over run with complaints about the individual’s super skills but without clear evidence, other than some low resolution screenshots, the game moderators could do little. Luckily, a rather persistent player spent several hours tracking him down to gather the proof needed via video. Game security lead, Chris Cleary, with video in hand found said hacker and logged into his account. What follows brings a tear of joy to this gamer’s eye.

By: Klint Abston

Add another “X” in the con column for the PC release of Mortal Kombat X.  The latest patch for the highly anticipated release has been marred yet again causing the latest update to be pulled by it’s developer, Warner Bros. This recent patch addressed many issues but caused another major headache, players started reporting data loss in game, deleting their progress in the Krpyt and removing unlocked characters. Adding insult to injury the size of the patch, a hefty 15GB and another 15GB update to revert the files- making one update consume more bandwidth than the entire game did at release. Not good for gamer’s that struggle to play under data caps.  Hopefully, Warner Bros. and Valve can correct this issue timely and with a much smaller download.