About Us


The Nerdery founders, Jimmy Agnew, Chris Ramirez, and JD Hardin

I started The Nerdery as an outlet for my own nerdy obsessions. Soon after I became increasingly irritated at the poor business practices of larger sites and decided to develop our website. Since we began we’ve added more departments, more cons, and a LIVE YouTube show as well. We’re dedicated to giving you the facts, rumors, and speculations as exactly what they are, not what will keep you reading. This originated as something we did on the weekends for fun, however it is rapidly growing into a serious business venture. I personally hope you continue to follow us on this journey as we strive to bring you the highest quality reviews and news in the nerd industry. -JD
JD-President/VP of Comic Coverage

I’m a crazed, Superman fanatic. I’ll be a George Reeves fan until I die. I’m a habitual completionist be it, games, comics, movies, or TV. I’m always looking for the next big scoop and what it will mean for fans. I like to keep my personal preferances seperate from my reviews and maintain an objective view on anything I encounter. While a lifelong fan of DC, I have a deep respect for Marvel and their legacy. Since founding The Nerdery, I’ve been exposed to comic titles and genres that I would have never purchased on my own. I’ve developed a huge love of Image and other smaller publishers. Though people have come and gone through The Nerdery, I pride myself that I started something that allows my employees to do things and meet people that wouldn’t have happened without The Nerdery.

Contact JD:    theprez@thenerdery.net
v__1932Tonya-VP of Cosplay, 
Contact Tonya:    vannatonya@thenerdery.net


Pati-VP of Horror, Member since 6/18/2016
Contact Pati:    fullmoonpati@thenerdery.net
Ricky-Gaming contributor, gadget guru

I’m Rick, a man in his thirties, obsessed with technology, comics, movies, photography, and for some reason British culture (I don’t know, I’m a weird man). Seriously, if Shaun of the Dead, Doctor Who, Lovesick, or even Mr. Bean is on, I’m glued to the TV. I watch a lot of horror movies, consume a ton of caffeine, listen to a lot of music, and play video games as often as possible. I have a beautiful woman, and she’s alright with me being a dork. Together we have a gorgeous daughter and she’s following in Daddy’s nerdy footsteps!!!!! My goal with The Nerdery is to share all my nerdy experiences with my friends and bring excellent content to our viewers and readers.

Contact Ricky:   gogogadgetricky@thenerdery.net

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