Powering Up All Rangers

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Comics, JD Hardin, Movies
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By: JD Hardin

FINALLY! Goldar, Putties, Zords, Zordon, Alpha 5, and all those little nuggets we’ve been waiting on have been revealed. Saban’s Power Rangers’ new trailer has finally given me the substance that I’ve been waiting on. I was beginning to be concerned that we wouldn’t get the Power Rangers movie we deserve. The trailer fills in a lot of blanks that fans have had, but draws just as many questions.

Isn’t that one of the coolest Power Rangers sequence you’ve ever seen? While we do get to see quite a bit in the new trailer, there’s a lot we don’t. Yes we see the Zords, but only briefly. We even get a clip of the MegaZord! But there are still so many questions. What will Rita’s origin be? Will we see a sixth Ranger? Was Rita a Green Ranger? We still don’t have answers to those, but we have answers to others.

Image result for saban's power rangers megazord

The new suits look incredible and have seem to have shed the campy appearance that full body suits tend to give off. Current word from costume designer Andrew Menzies is that the costumes will be “an alien costume that grows on them, that’s not man-made. You can’t win everyone over, but we are trying to appeal to a more mature audience and gain new fans.”  The general idea is that the film is an allegory for change and metamorphosis of the children as they mature and that the suits are a personification of their own spirit. Well, they’re doing a good job. If you look closely in the above photo you’ll see that the suits aren’t exactly identical. Not only are the helmets and colors different, but so are the slight contours on the suits themselves. Not what one would call great differences, but just enough.

Image result for saban's power rangers megazord

Image result for power rangers megazord 2017As if the new uniforms weren’t enough to get excited over, the Zords have a very “Transformers meets Pacific Rim” feel to them. While the look may have seen a lot of celluloid in the past decade, I believe Zords will wear it well. It’s truly incredible the amount of change that looks incredible on the old concepts. I grew up with this series and am well aware that a remodel was called for. But I’m amazed at Image result for power rangers zord 2017how far these changes went when it came to the Zords. Even more amazing, I love all of it. Although we only get a good look at a few of the Zords in the posters and trailer, they are truly breathtaking. I’ve met quite a few people who are nearly jumping out of their skin for this movie, I can now say with ease I am too.

Image result for power rangers zordon

I think we all knew that a floating head in a tube wasn’t going to cut it in the modern sea of resurgence films, and I was a little worried that Lionsgate and Saban might attempt it anyway. The above frame allowed me to breathe a little easier. Bryan Cranston as the voice and face of Zordon supplements the darker and more serious atmosphere. Let’s just hope that he won’t be the Quaker-esque character that he was in the original series. I want to see his origin, him fighting Rita, for only a little bit. A flash back would do nicely. Having a consciousness commanding children to do battle for him without any evidence of him taking an active part in the fight has always bothered me.

Image result for power rangers megazord 2017

The Megazord needed an update in tech when the show originally aired. The oversized suit seemed campy and too closely resembled a low budget Godzilla movie. For the most part, the Voltron inspired battle-bot isn’t seen clearly in the trailer. Thankfully, toy companies have no reservations on spoiling movie content with an early unveil (remember the Lego spoiler for Giant Man in Captain America: Civil War?). Granted, the view we get from the toy is low detail and void of most of the colors but, we can get a good feel of what the MegaZord will look like on screen. The only thing that leaves me unimpressed is the head. I’m okay with the lack of a sculpted face, I’m even okay with a giant screen or window(??) in its place. What bothers me is the striking similarity between the shape of its head and the heads of so many on-screen Transformers. Maybe we will see those rear facing spikes turn to the side to resemble the horns I miss. Or maybe not. Overall though, I’m impressed.

Image result for power rangers alpha 2017

We all know full and well that we can’t have a Rangers movie without the comedy relief provided byImage result for power rangers alpha 2017 Alpha 5. SNL alumnus Bill Hader is slated to voice the goofy android. A fitting choice when considering Hader’s background. I am grateful his voice isn’t as grating as the original’s (I’ve recently discovered, upon watching a few of the original episodes, that his voice is quite piercing to me now). Alpha 5 also received a well needed reinvention that seems to be far more physically agile (judging by his build). Sleek, small, and functional just like the evolution of cell phones, Alpha has shed his bulky and limited appearance. Two thumbs way up for the saucer headed accidental jester.

Image result for power rangers rita 2017

Last, but certainly not least, the evil space witch Rita.The normally gorgeous Elizabeth Image result for rita repulsa green rangerBanks certainly has the look, and judging from the initial teaser, the attitude. The concern is her bearing in the suit on screen. Wearing heavy costume in only one other film, her possibilities for a physical awkwardness on screen adaptation are an unpredictable factor. Nonetheless, Banks confirms a commonly known fact, people are creepy without eyebrows. To bring up a huge fan theory, the idea is floating around that Rita was once a Ranger, a Green Ranger, not to put too fine a point on it. The theory carries some merit when compared. The image to the right shows a Pink Ranger who has been re-tinted, next to our new Rita Repulsa. Current explanations on the Ranger’s suits states that they are a manifestation of the Ranger’s spirit and personality. Well, that explains the different lines and contours. The theory states simply that she is no longer a Ranger, and could account for the missing pieces. If you include this theory in canon, it would explain Rita’s ability to bestow the power of a Ranger to Tommy Oliver. Pretty provocative, right?

I’m incredibly excited for this film and what all lies in the future of the franchise. Jon Feltheimer has already stated that if the movie is a success, we will likely see sequels for quite a while. Feltheimer has confirmed the possibility anywhere between five to seven films. That’s quite a feat for a resurgence franchise, but I do wish him the best of luck.

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