By: JD Hardin

Sometimes news comes down the wire that you all should really be aware of. But rarely does it come with enough information for a full write-up. So instead, I’m combining a few of those things to get it to you.

Hellboy III?

Yeah, Ron Perlman and Mike Mignola have both told us it’s not going to happen. It would appear that may not be definitive. There’s still a few hours left, SO GO VOTE!!!


Action Comics #1 For $15.99

action-comics-1Yep, that’s right. LootCrate’s January box carries an Origin label. What all will be in it for sure is currently unknown (as per usual). But it has been confirmed that it will contain a reprint of Action Comics #1. The comic book that started the superhero trend that we enjoy so much today. DC has issued several reprints over the years, each printed on the current paper standard with the adds updated as well. One reprint added pages that were removed from the final draft of the original print. LootCrate is giving us something special. This reprint will be printed on 1938 standard papers with all the original adds. More than likely LootCrate will have their logo printed on the cover somewhere, aside from that, it will be an extremely loyal representation of the 10 cent trendsetter.

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