10 years of iPhone

Posted: January 10, 2017 in Gadgets, Ricky Ramirez, Tech
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By Ricky Ramirez


Ten years ago today, Apple unveiled the very first iPhone. A device that boasted a great camera, a built in iPod, and the ability to surf the internet through a mobile browser. In a partnership with the new AT&T, formerly Cingular wireless, Apple stunned the word with a device that was unlike anything seen prior. The biggest shock Steve Jobs delivered, was that the keyboard was on screen and could easily learn typing patterns, and be changed easily with a software update. The biggest competition out at the time was the RIM Blackberry and the Windows based Motorola Q. Both phones featured plastic keyboards, and ran a bit sluggish, but were both well received by the enterprise community. Before being renamed iOS, the Mac OS based operating system for iPhone, was pretty limited. The iPhone shipped with basic phone operations such as text messaging, calling, email, weather, compass, maps (using Google data without turn by turn), notes, and featured a YouTube app for the first time on a smartphone. iPhone, while impressive, was a bit limited at first. It lacked the ability to send and receive picture messages, and couldn’t add any new applications to increase productivity. 

With the dawn of its successor the iPhone 3G on the horizon, Apple updated the OS to work with picture messaging, and integrated The App Store. The App Store allowed developers to create useful applications for iPhone, and users could download the apps straight to iPhone for free, or at a cost to the developer’s chosen price. While all this seems like everyday usage to us now, this one phone started the revolution of mobile devices as we now know it. With the success of iPhone, both software companies and phone manufacturers followed suit with similar phones, and app stores. Google, Microsoft, The Linux Foundation, and several other companies can thank Apple for ushering them into a mobile world. Three of us at The Nerdery use iPhone’s daily for Nerdery-related work. I myself, am currently typing this article on an iPhone 7, and am looking forward to Apple’s ten year anniversary iPhone. I’ve watched every keynote like a fanboy, and have had a great deal of respect for everything Steve Jobs, Jony Ive, and company achieved with iPhone. Happy Anniversary Apple, and thank you very much!

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