The Cable Connection

Posted: October 27, 2016 in Comics, Graphic Novels, JD Hardin, Movies
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By: JD Hardin

With the mid-credits scene from Deadpool, fans of the Merc with the Mouth are going crazy. They certainly should be, a tease of Cable in Deadpool 2 got me pumped up too. The biggest question is, who should play Cable.

Following Deadpool’s release, hundreds of possibilities have been suggested, and several actors are actively campaigning for the role. To be perfectly clear, Fox has not settled on a single actor. However, one particular actor has recently been ruled out for sure. That actor is none other than Bloodline‘s Kyle Chandler, and it seems that director Tim Miller is departing with Chandler.

Miller had not been officially attached to the project, but it was considered a given considering Deadpool‘s box office performance. The departure comes as a result of a dispute between Miller and Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds. Miller had picked Chandler to play as the more stoic and serious Cable, AKA Nathan Summers. Reynolds disagreed and the dispute went before FOX who ultimately sided with Reynolds. Whether or not anything more occurred in the dispute is unclear. However, Miller has gone on record to say that the decision has not strained relations between him and FOX. The personal and professional relationship between Reynolds and Miller have not been commented upon. Nor has the names of any of Ryan Reynolds picks or suggestions. But, speculations give us a pretty long list. We don’t have time to look at all of the candidates, but we can look at the most likely.

So let’s break a few of these candidates down to see what each one has to offer.


Most popular among fans comes Stephen Lang. Lang seemed open to the idea in early 2015. At that time, the plot and characters in the Deadpool movie were uncertain at best. Lang you will probably remember as the the hard ass space marine from Avatar, definitely has the acting chops to pull it off. However, he falls short in both height and age. At 63 years old and standing at 5’10”, he doesn’t quite have the intimidating stature of the 6’8″ Cable. Being a “seasoned” gentlemen wouldn’t quite aid in the roll of Cable either, since Cable is very agile for his size. Let’s not forget, his schedule is about to be very busy as Avatar 2 is due to start production soon. (Yes, he will be in it.)


Experienced actor

Looks the part

Believable voice


Rather old


Schedule Conflict



Rob Liefeld’s favorite pick is Jon Hamm of AMC’s Mad Men. At 6’2″ he is a lot closer in height to Cable than Lang. He may not have the natural white hair that is one of Cable’s trademark features (you can fix that with make-up), he certainly has a believable timber of voice. Hamm is also a lot skinnier than Cable and would have to put on some serious muscle mass for the role. Hugh Jackman bulked up alot between X-Men and X2, so it’s not impossible, just strenuous.



Believable voice





Now, the 5’10” Mel Gibson falls a little short in the height department. However, his looks, age, voice and recent physical build put Mel up near the top on possibilities. Mel has played the stoic part before, just look back on Mad Max for proof. He’s also proven his mettle in the comedic realm with Lethal Weapon and What Women Want. Comedic experience would be a requirement for any Deadpool film. But to be honest, Mel has always been a little wary about signing on to anything that may “type-cast” him. It was even rumored that he was offered the role of James Bond back in the day, and turned it down. So, he may not even be willing to play a comic book character.



Scary voice

right age



Afraid of being “type casted”



Tyler Mane 2014 (cropped).jpg

Tyler Mane is no rookie to FOX Marvel having played Sabertooth in the very first X-Men film. As a former professional wrestler, Mane certainly has the muscular build at a billed weight of 295lbs. That’s pretty close to Cable’s 350lbs in the comic books. Standing at an intimidating 6’8″, he is the same height that comic book experts measure Cable as well. Mane possesses a deep and threatening tone of voice and has the ability to portray a commanding screen presence having played Michael Myers in both of Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes. However, Tyler Mane has not been in any role that demanded any fluency with comedy. So, whether or not he could be convincing standing side by side with the Merc’ With A Mouth is unknown.


Correct height

Booming voice

Muscular build

Fox Marvel experience


No comedy experience

Has already been used in the Fox Marvel Universe


Image result for kevin nash Cable

Kevin Nash is without a doubt one of the top 3 fan favorites for the role of Cable. Standing at a terrifying 6’11”, Nash could strike terror into a villain’s heart by merely standing in the same room. His muscular build demands attention from anyone in his presence. At 57 years old, Nash still participates in professional wrestling which would ensure the great physical ability that the role of Cable would demand. However, his voice is a bit odd for the part. Cable should have a deep and gruff voice, the kind that would terrify you out of your mind if you heard it in the dark. Honestly, Nash’s voice is a long way away from that.




Marvel Alumnus (Punisher as The Russian)

Pro Wrestler (extremely fit)


Funny Voice

Image result for ron perlman Cable

The last man we’re taking a serious look at is another fan favorite, Ron Perlman. Perlman is no stranger to comic book roles, having played Mike Mignola’s Hellboy. At 6’1″, Perlman is tall enough to play the time traveling mutant. But, Perlman seems a little lite on the muscular build that would be required for such a role. Before you go throwing Hellboy out as an example of how muscular he is, that was a prosthetic suit. Ron Perlman would no doubt make a fantastic Cable as far as his acting and his voice, but his agility may factor in as well. He’s played a comic relief in past films.



Deep voice

Experienced in comic and comedy


Less muscular

Less agile

This isn’t the end of the list of potentials at all. In our opinions these are the most likely candidates. With much of the future of Fox Marvel relying on Deadpool, Fox has got to get Cable and Domino (more upcoming on this) right the first time.

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