By: JD Hardin

As many of you know, all of us here at The Nerdery are huge Matt Hawkins fans. For those that watch or listen to the show, you may be aware that the characters of Think Tank have appeared in The Tithe, and characters of The Tithe have appeared in Postal. It’s more than safe to assume that these three titles exist in a shared universe. When that’s witnessed by readers the first question is always, “When will they all have a shared event?” The answer comes from the writer himself this time . That answer is NOW.


EDENSFALL_MockCov_1Eden’s Fall is a three issue mini-series and began it’s release this past August. The series will begin where The Tithe left off at the end of Volume 2, and seems to be taking place in the background of Postal and Think Tank (for now).

As the FBI task force from The Tithe lose a suspect, the team goes rogue and attempts to infiltrate the hidden town of Eden, Wyoming to retrieve him and bring him to the attention of the law. Agent Jimmy Miller goes undercover to become a resident of Eden. When all communication between him and the rest of the team go down, Campbell panics. Sam is forced to swallow her own pride and personal feelings and allow Jimmy to to his job. In the town, Mayor Shiffron has her own issues with the town’s newest residents.

Stellar writing and smooth art make the three titles blend homogeneously. The Tithe easily infiltrates Postal at an atomic level, leaving no skeptic unanswered. The characters have been given sound motivation to take a deep and thorough look into Eden and it’s citizens. And the character development of Agents Miller and Campbell gives us all we need to believe that they would go that far to ensure justice is served.



Dr. David Lorens inclusion in the story seems so organic, that a reader may believe Think Tank to be a spin off that was released too early. His involvement in The Tithe began in issue #5 and has been a frequent character ever since. Sam and Jimmy’s slowly increasing reliance on David only serves to prove that the group wouldn’t even discuss this mission without his assistance.














This will almost assuredly win The Nerdery’s “Event of the Year” in January. I can honestly say, that this is the best thing Top Cow has put out this year. File this under your must read category and get it while it’s hot and still available. Most of the comic retailers in Houston sold out by Friday. Don’t miss out.





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