By: JD Hardin

San Diego Comic Con is the landmark of conventions here in the US. With everything nerdy under the sun having complete representation. What we’ve seen in recent years is a growing amount of female characters throughout all aspects of comic books. It seems the women of Marvel agree that it is worth celebrating.


From left to right we’ve got:

Laura Harrier (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Laura Harrier is an actress known for roles in the daytime soap opera One Life to Live and the off-broadway musical The Last Five Years. She also has had a modeling career and has worked on campaigns with American Eagle, L’Oréal, and Target and has turned up on the pages of Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Glamour.

She’s listed to play Liz Allan, a rather key supporting character to several of Spiderman’s villains. While in high school, Liz dated Flash Thompson (a future host to the symbiote Venom), and is step-sister to the Molten Man, Mark Raxton. Later in life she is married Harry Osborn (the second Green Goblin) until his death. Afterwards, she begins to appear in Daredevil and eventually develops a short romance with Foggy Nelson.

Zendaya (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is slated to play a character simply named Michelle in the 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming. Zendaya began her career at the age of 13 as a model for Macy’s, Mervyn’s, and Old Navy. She eventually began an acting career in Disney’s Shake It Up!. Her performance earned her several cameos throughout Disney’s extensive television programs.

Elizabeth Debicki (Guardians of the Galaxy)

The towering Elizabeth Debicki stand 6’2″ tall. A perfect height for her upcoming role in Guardians 2 as Ayesha. Also known as Kismet, Paragon, or simply Her, Ayesha is the second attempt by the Enclave to make a super-powerful being to control. The first of course being Adam Warlock. Kismet’s sole motivation through most of her history has been to find Adam Warlock and mate with him. This normally leads to a great deal of conflict within the Marvel Universe.

Danai Gurira (Black Panther)

Danai is best known for her role in The Walking Dead. Her role in Black Panther is still a little mysterious. All that is currently confirmed is that she will be portraying Okoye, the leader of the Dora Milaje, a security force that protects the king of Wakanda.

Tilda Swinton (Doctor Strange)

The incredibly talented Tilda Swinton has played nearly every shade of character a person can think of. Known for her roles in The Chronicles of Narnia, Constantine, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Vanilla Sky, and Burn After Reading, Swinton has had quite a successful career. She will be portraying The Ancient One, Doctor Strange’s mentor and instructor in the magical arts.

Zoe Saldana (Guardians)

Zoe Saldana is no newcomer to Nerds having played  Gamora in the first Guardians of the Galaxy and Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the new Star Trek film series. It would seem that for the foreseeable future, Saldana will be alternating her time between Marvel and Star Trek with little time for other projects.

Brie Larson (Captain Marvel !!!)

Brie Larson has yet to celebrate main stream notoriety on the silver screen but has definitely experienced success regardless. Her portrayal in the 2015 film Room  garnered her an Academy Award for Best Actress, British Academy Film Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and nomination for the Rising Star Award, a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture in the drama category, and  a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. Captain Marvel is a very intense role and I believe Marvel Studios has chosen a very talented actress to play her.

Lupita Nyong’o (Black Panther)

Nyong’o is rumored to play Nakia, a member of the Dora Milaje who just might turn out to be a villain of sorts. Black Panther is still out on the horizon of upcoming Marvel films. However, Lupita did make a short statement.

“The story of this Black Panther is — what am I allowed to say? — The story is that the Black Panther’s leadership is really threatened by two foes who come together, and so Black Panther gets the help of the C.I.A. and the Dora Milaje to try and defeat the enemy.”

Rachel McAdams (Doctor Strange)

I don’t think there’s very many people who haven’t seen the Notebook. As much as a sappy, lovesick, romance, chick-flick as it is, you must admit that Rachel McAdams ushered a great performance. McAdams will be playing Christine Palmer in the upcoming Doctor Strange film. It’s currently unclear if the character will evolve into the Night Nurse alias from the comics. What has been made clear by Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is that Palmer will work as Strange’s “lynchpin to his old life, once he steps into the role of a sorcerer. She is someone he connects with at the beginning, and reconnects with, and helps anchor his humanity.”

Karen Gillan (Guardians)

Gillan is another familiar face for nerd’s having played Amelia Pond in Doctor Who series 5,6, and 7, and Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy and will be returning for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Her performance in GotG was fantastic and no doubt will be just as stellar in the sequel.

Pom Klementieff (Guardians)

Slated to play Mantis, little has been disclosed on how large of a role she will have in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. GotG V2 executive producer, Jonathan Schwartz has said that Mantis

“has never really experienced social interaction”, and “learns about dealing with people” and “social intricacies” from the other Guardians.

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