Lucas Stand #1

Posted: June 23, 2016 in Chris Ramirez, Comics
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By: Chris Ramirez


Let me start off by clapping.
Second, let me mention I’ve never read something like this before; but I know Sutter when I see it. On the cover, by the way is A+ and is what you get throughout. It mentions “1 of 6”, after the second page I knew I needed all 6 immediately.
This story is raw and doesn’t hold back. If hell and demons (metaphorical and realistic) were real, this is THE interpretation.
It starts off with the main character, Lucas who is a vet, struggling with a rage problem. But soon find out he’s a damn near perfect classic junkie. The never ending loophole of uppers and downers. His last care given, puts a bullet in his head. The rest is to be read with an open mind, especially with the graphical representation to follow.
Please let me have the other 5 issues ASAP.
The illustration and coloring was a beautiful marriage that matches the raw text. My hats off to Kurt Sutter and the team that created what is Lucas Stand.
I personally give this issue 5 joystix (stars) up and you bet your ass I’m gonna review the rest of them.
Released by BOOM Studios
Special thanks to All Star Comics and Games for the sponsorship of this issue. You can find them on Facebook at –
Or give them a call at 281-839-7127
All-Star Comics and Games
6916 Garth Rd
Baytown TX, 77521
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Instagram – @nerderyofficial

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