Lucifer in Hindsight

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Comics, Graphic Novels, JD Hardin, TV
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By: JD Hardin


The season finale was for Lucifer was a few weeks ago. If you didn’t see it, I feel sorry for you. It was a fantastic series through and through, and it’s no surprise that it has been green lit for a second season. Much to the disappointment of the hate group, One Million Moms, Lucifer has been met with smashing success as millions tune in each week. The production crew made sure to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the series, but have done so with style and class. Offering the depth of a star-studded intellectual drama movie, the laughs of a James Franco/Seth Rogen feature, as much action as the typical Arnold movie, and the AWW factor of a puppy and kitten cuddling, there’s no reason this series can’t last.


Lucifer draws heavily from the original Sandman spin-off, published by Vertigo. However, it does not follow it directly. The characters, their origins, relationships, and interactions have remained with little alteration.


After reigning over Hell for millions of years, Lucifer Morningstar has grown tired of his throne and his portrayal as a villain at the hands of humans. Giving up his throne in Hell, he retires to Los Angeles and opens the piano bar, Lux. Lucifer does individuals favors to help out the people brave enough to ask. Not for their soul, just a favor back whenever Lucifer deems it. Lucifer has the power to make a person admit their deepest darkest desires, even against their will. He also seems to be irresistible to anyone of the opposite sex. All of these tidbits play a large part in the mechanics of Lucifer’s life on Earth.

The Plot:

Following the murder of a starlet (a starlet he once did a favor for) in front of his piano bar, Lux, Lucifer makes quick friends with detective Chloe Decker, the lead detective on the case. He is rapidly intrigued at the fact that Decker is seemingly unaffected by Lucifer’s power. Lucifer actually is of great assistance to the LAPD in finding the guilty party, in spite of Lucifer’s flagrant narcissism. He is of so much help; he is declared a consultant to detective Decker by the LAPD, much to her frustration. The series continues with Lucifer helping out on cases, all the while, trying to take the seemingly cold Chloe Decker to bed. While this would seem to make another typical Cop Drama, this is not the main story line for Lucifer. The real story and attraction is everything going on behind the scenes. The persistence of Lucifer’s angel brother, Amenadiel, for Lucifer to return to Hell is present in nearly every episode of the season. His determination brings him to resurrect a crooked cop for the sole purpose of killing Lucifer. This turns into an even bigger problem for everyone. The crooked cop begins playing his own game to try and stay in the land of the living, which leads to crisis involving the everyone. The season’s finale leads to a moment of truth as Lucifer is fatally shot. Laying on the ground dying, he begs his father, God, to save Chloe and her daughter. In return, he will do whatever God wishes and will go wherever God desires. Lucifer is given a vision of hell and a locked and chained tomb that has been broken open. Lucifer awakens exactly where he fell, at full strength. The conclusion shows Lucifer and Amenadiel sitting at Lux together. Lucifer explains that their father wants Lucifer right where he is. His mission is to return a soul to hell that has escaped. Amenadiel notices that the normally un-phased and fearless Lucifer is deeply shaken at this fact. When Amendiel asks who has escaped that could put him in this state, Lucifer replies only with “Mom”.


The series is fantastic from the first to the last. With a star with more points than can be counted, a supporting cast that seem to be born to play their respective parts, a script riddled with laughter and suspense, Lucifer hits a grand slam! You can definitely count on a season 2 premiere review from The Nerdery. We are proud to give Lucifer a 5 out of 5 rating, and highly recommend it to you, our readers. We do warn you, however, due to the mature subject matter and innuendo, that you pre-screen the show before allowing your small children to watch.


For those of you who refuse to watch due to the religious overtones, I say simply, it is a work of fiction. A fantastic story with morals to learn from, and selfless acts to respect from all characters. The names and titles of the characters are simply to enhance the experience and, is done so with great taste and grace.

Crossover Possibilities

Lucifer does exist in a universe separate from both Constantine and Preacher. However, it would be sensational to see them crossover. With Constantine cancelled, a crossover would give it another chance at life. Preacher will debut on AMC May 22nd this year, and we don’t expect any crossover for the series. It would make for great television though. It may be possible for Lucifer to crossover to the extended Arrowverse. But once again, we don’t expect this to happen due to the more mature subject matter that Lucifer tends to encircle. The bottom line is, we don’t think Lucifer will be crossing over to anything anytime soon. We might possibly see or hear mention of other goings on in the DC/Vertigo universe, but at current, there is not a fitting series to appropriately house the devil himself.


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