The Return of Deadpool

Posted: February 19, 2016 in Comics, JD Hardin, Movies

By: JD Hardin

Taking the world by storm is ever witty, completely insane, totally deranged Deadpool and his alter-ego Wade Wilson. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it is rated R.


Seriously, this is a very vulgar movie at some points. I’m sure if you take your kids, they will exhibit extreme disgust or shock at the footage on the screen in front of them. Which in turn, will cause you quite a large amount of panic. Not to mention, disturbing everyone in the theater in the process. So, hire a sitter.

Keep reading of spoilers.


JD-5 Capes

Jimmy-5 Chimichangas

Steven-5 Ninja Scrolls

Tonya-5 Masks


Kent-5 Swords

All that being said, it was such a breath of fresh air as far as comic book movies go. Most movies in this genre tend to take a lot of liberties outside of the source material. Deadpool has several different origins within the comics, so deviations are not only acceptable, they’re encouraged. It’s also amazing to see an R rated comic book movie that is actually

$284M! Gasp!

good. We haven’t had an offering of this caliber since Dredd back in 2012. Dredd does not hold a candle next to Deadpool, however. Guns, gore, violence, love, and sex, Deadpool has it all and more. $132,750,000 for an opening weekend is not something to scoff at. As a matter of fact, Deadpool broke the record for an R-rated movie on opening weekend. The closest to that was The Matrix Reloaded way back in 2003. That’s a big achievement. It also made Deadpool the seventh largest comic book opening on record. All of this adds to a global total $284,500,000!! Staggering results for a movie that Fox was skeptical of it’s success. Fox, I believe, has learned something this weekend. They’ve already stepped out and teased a sequel, which of course has sent fans into more madness over another character portrayal. But, that is an argument for another article.

The movie opens with a graphic pan through a freeze frame of an event i can only describe as ridiculously awkward as it is hilarious. The opening credits themselves incite out loud laughter. We get to witness Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) kill a few nameless villains in some very cartoonish ways, followed shortly by appearances of Colossus and the relatively unknown Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand). This is a mutant that most people don’t know anything about, and rightly so. She was primarily a background character in a few issues. Her abilities in the comics themselves were never fully defined. She did have premonitions and attended Emma Frost’s class for telepaths, but outside of that we know nothing. In the movie, her powers very much resemble those of Nitro’s, emitting charged explosions from her body. She had an extremely small roll in the comics, but after this I hope that Marvel will see the potential of this character.

Through a retelling we see how Wade Wilson became a subject of mutation experiments under Ajax, a mutant with superhuman strength and no sensation of pain. Wade is tortured to the point that his mutation surfaces, changing him into the undying, lovable, psychopath we see throughout the rest of the film. Ashamed of his appearance, Wilson finds himself unable to return to the woman he loves. He spends this time searching for Ajax with the intention of forcing him to repair what the mutation did to his skin. Of course Wade, now Deadpool, is interrupted by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who are trying to recruit Deadpool into the X-Men. This allows Ajax to escape and eventually kidnap Wilson’s lady love, which directly leads to the major conflict of the movie.

I think I’ve spoiled the film enough for you guys.

If you’ve seen the film, you already know all the stuff i’ve left out. (It was intentional). RELAX I didn’t forget.

Anyhow, if you haven’t seen Deadpool, get with the program!

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