Danny Trejo as Lobo?

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Comics, JD Hardin, Movies, TV

By: JD Hardin

Danny Trejo 2009.jpg

Danny Trejo in 2009

A lot of stars have come around and have begun to throw their hat in the superhero movie ring. Tyrese Gibson campaigned very heavily for a Green Lantern role, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson won the role of Black Adam. We are all seeing the most successful hero campaign come to fruition right now, that of course being Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. The most recent person to follow this pattern is none other than Machete himself, Danny Trejo.

Trejo you may remember as Navajas in Desperado, Razor Charlie in From Dusk Till Dawn, Johnny 23 in Con Air, or El Jefe in xXx. Trejo is no stranger to playing the bad boy renegade, and definitely has the acting chops to pull of a character such as Lobo. The question still remains, however. What are the odds of him getting Lobo?


Lobo by Alex Horley

Lobo, fittingly, is the space hog riding, bounty hunting, cigar smoking, bad boy of the DC universe. Originally created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, he first appeared in Omega Men #3 in June 1983. Lobo was introduced as a very serious villain in the 1980s, but received very little publication until the early 1990’s. At that time he was reimagined as a anti-hero biker and received his own title.

The first appearance of Lobo, Omega Men #3

The last Czarnian, Lobo has several backstories and origins. In all of these origins, he is responsible for the death of his entire planet. Lobo possesses a massive craving for conflict and has yet to walk away from a challenge. He is well respected in the mercenary and bounty hunter circles, due to the fact he is more than willing to lose his own life to complete his task.  He’s gone toe to toe with Superman on several occasions, and is completely immortal.

Now, Lobo is normally depicted as having a very large and muscular form. At Trejo’s age (71) this would be very difficult to attain. The character is also very strong and athletic. Once again, Danny Trejo might have a very hard time keeping up with the physical demand of playing Lobo. Don’t forget, Lobo does not age. 71 is a lot of years of age for an immortal, un-aging alien.

All that being said, after the roles Trejo has played in the past, he definitely has the ability to play the antihero. He can be mean, gruff, apathetic and an overall viscous. Danny Trejo already has the look of a guy you wouldn’t want to ask for help, add the costume of Lobo, I wouldn’t even walk on the same stairs as the guy. His desire to play the character is also a huge bonus.

The questions that need to be asked are, can Lobo stand in the DC cinematic universe? Is there room for him in the DC Television universe?

As far as the cinematic universe, I don’t think the character would fare well right now. A solo Lobo movie would have a hard time being very successful in the box office. A stand alone movie would be a huge risk for multiple reasons. The average movie goer is unfamiliar with Lobo, to throw a character they don’t know at them in a solo movie would be a massive gamble.  Lobo is a character that would need to have a small part or cameo in someone else’s movie. Right now the DCCU isn’t ready for Lobo. To start including characters as far fetched as Lobo and others of his caliber, the stage has to be set up for them. To introduce Lobo right now would be risky for both the character and the franchise as a whole. If they can set it up just right, I think Lobo could be great in the DCCU. However, the world isn’t quite ready.

The DCTU however, is rife with fitting spots for the Main Man. Supergirl is halfway through it’s first season and has already presented some very outlandish villains and has succeeded in that aspect. The Flash has done exceptionally well with using metahuman villains as well. Either one of these shows could easily fit Lobo in without batting an eye. The Last Czarnian surely could have a place in TV. Will Warner Bros. use him? Only time will tell.

This columnist believes that Danny Trejo has best odds at playing Lobo on The Flash. With a little bit of a darker tone than Supergirl, Lobo’s personality would contrast well against the overall timber of the show, without being the nose on the clown. Having already touched on some very dark and serious villains, Lobo would be the next step in bringing that series some serious scary points. With characters such as The Trickster, Gorilla Grod, Captain Cold, Heatwave, and others you often have the problem of making them look like a serious threat. More often than not, they end up looking like walking cartoon characters. Berlanti Productions has done a magnificent job at making these, normally outlandish looking, characters look truly frightening. If given Lobo, they would have the opportunity to springboard Lobo into the hearts and minds of the “non-reader”, as well as giving themselves a plot device that could be effectively used for multiple seasons.

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