The Civil War Begins

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin, Movies

With word dropping from FOX, that Fantastic Four 2 has been dropped from their release schedule, Marvel Entertainment delivers another blow to the FOX M.U. by releasing their first trailer to Captain America: Civil War.

I can’t help but get excited by this trailer. To see Bucky and Steve tag-teaming Ironman, is truly incredible. I can’t wait to see what else Marvel has up their sleeves. For those of you have not seen this piece of ultimate comic book foreplay, I present to you the video below.

The big question that has been on everyone’s mind is, “who will be the next Captain America?” Bucky and Steve beating down Tony Stark leads to the idea of Bucky Barnes as Cap. However, the extensive scenes with Sam Wilson being a bada** lends credit to him being the next man in line for the mantle.

Here at The Nerdery, we have extensive libraries of comics including the issues following Steve Rogers death. However, Marvel Entertainment like to get a little creative with their source material. So knowing the story line is of little help in this situation. According to the original issues, Bucky Barnes took the mantle for a period of three years before faking his death. Afterwards,the role was assumed by Sam Wilson. The MCU is playing it in such a way that either one could take the role. With Chris Evans’ Marvel contract expiring, and his desire to move behind the camera, there’s no question that we will see the end of Steve Rogers in Civil War.

But who else will be ending in this film?

I can’t help but bring up Rhodey unconscious in battle worn, War Machine armor. We definitely know the tension between Ironman and Captain America will reach a violent boil in Civil War, but will Colonel Rhodes be a casualty of that war? Where will Spidey fit in? What other casualties will we see in this war? Will Quicksilver return from an almost certain death? Will Scarlett Witch appear?

This trailer brings questions to the forefront of my mind that, before, were just curiosities. All of which are now driving inquiries. What will become of the MCU? Only time will tell. I wish all of you a happy holidays and promote literacy, read comics.

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