The Luke You’re Looking For

Posted: October 22, 2015 in JD Hardin, Movies

By: JD Hardin

First of all, in case you haven’t seen the new trailer, watch below.

Now, a lot of fans are asking “Where’s Luke Skywalker?”

There’s several theories as to the answer for that. So, lets entertain a few.


One theory is that Luke is in exile by his own hand. Having contributed to his fathers death, the assassination of the Emperor, and revealing the truth about their heritage to Leia, exile seems to be a possibility. Surely these actions would incur some very dramatic reactions from Leia, the remains of the Empire, and the rest of the Rebel Alliance as well. Not to mention the sheer emotional impact of witnessing his long-lost father die. Exile appears to be a very viable option.


Another theory speculates that Luke has turned to the Dark Side. Several of the post-ROTJ books have illustrated this possibility. Now, before you start writing us nasty emails, hear me out. The Sith lord we see in the trailer is very Vader-esque in appearance. That’s not much to go on considering he is a Sith but, consider his hands are covered, as is his face. We know that Mark Hamill is in the film, but all we have seen of him is one blurry leaked photo of him in Jedi robes, and the glimpse of his hand on R2-D2 while the rest of him remained cloaked in a black hood. All of these things give the Sith theory traction.

Get Ready

This next theory has definitely gained the biggest following, but your’s truly is in complete disagreement. The theory is that Abrams is saving Luke for later films. With the huge price tag of $200 million this movie is already carrying, it would seem overly cautious to not use Luke. The lack of set photos with Hamill assuredly puts extra weight on this theory. However, the return of the original cast is putting a lot of fan power behind this trilogy, to not capitalize on that could be potentially dangerous. Still, they may be saving him for later movies. We all know how J.J. Abrams likes to build up to things. If The Force Awakens only has glimpses of him, that could increase fan turnout due to anticipation.

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