Posted: October 1, 2015 in Comicpalooza, Comics, Friends of The Nerdery

By: JD Hardin


While at Comicpalooza this year, I had the privilege of meeting my favorite comic book writer, Matt Hawkins. I did get a video interview, but, the audio was very poor and in great need of editing. However, The Nerdery made a great friend that day and were introduced to far more of Matt’s works including Think Tank. Two months ago we found out that Think Tank was to return this September. We recently released the news that Top Cow Productions had CANCELLED the continuation of Think Tank. Here at The Nerdery we have gone the extra mile to see what is happening with our favorite weapon-designing genius.

With high reasoning in mathematics, chemistry, and just about any other science you could imagine, the federal government began funding his education at the age of fourteen. Given is intelligence, David graduated high school and college at a very early age, in spite of his apathetic work ethic. Upon his graduation from college, he was recruited to design extremely advanced weapons for DARPA. The slacker genius worked for the government in his own unique way for years, eventually becoming conflicted with the governments’ idea of warfare and the loss of life. Dr. Lorens decides he no longer wants to design weapons for the government and participate in the killing business. As Dr. Lorens is DARPA’s greatest asset, and considered a national security risk, his superiors are not willing to let him leave. The result is a quiet battle between David and those in power above him.

Originally released by Top Cow Productions and Image Comics on August 1, 2012, Think Tank received outstanding reviews. Initially planned to only be four issues, it was extended to twelve shortly after the first issue was released. In July 2013 writer, Matt Hawkins, and artist, Rahsan Ekedal, committed to twenty issues. Hawkins’ writing was, at it’s worst, absolutely riveting. The story is very captivating and leaves you craving more whilst perched on the edge of your seat. Ekedal’s black and white illustrations give you the perfect balance of detail without being cluttered, yet clear and straight-forward without being boring. Last month was meant to be Think Tank’s return to the stands however, we instead received the news of the cancellation. Since The Nerdery heard this news, we’ve been in touch with Top Cow president and Think Tank writer, Matt Hawkins. The official word is good news.

Think Tank will definitely be returning second quarter of 2016 with Vol. 4 entitled Creative Destruction. Be sure to stay tuned to The Nerdery for more developing news on Think Tank.

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