Spiderman Casting RUMOR

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin, Movies

By: JD Hardin

Ever since the deal between Sony and Marvel was announced, everyone has been clamoring for any bit of casting news. Well, Peter Parker stepped out a few months back. Now, rumor has leaked that many more are being eyed for other roles.

Billy Zane (Titanic) is allegedly being eyed to play Adrian Toomes. Toomes is better known as the youth devouring villain, The Vulture. The Vulture has not yet been adapted for a live action feature. He was, however, planned to be the major villain for Sam Raimi’s cancelled Spider-Man 4. That didn’t happen as planned, after Raimi walked, that entire franchise was scrapped. Regardless of the RUMOR nature of this list, I believe Zane could bring this villain new life both on and off the screen. His naturally wealthy bearing, low timbered voice, and fit build could make Vulture even more suspenseful than he has ever been before.

Next up, Jason Biggs, that’s right, the American Pie kid is being eyed to play Mac Gargan. Mac Gargan is the secret identity of the villain known as The Scorpion. I personally think this is laughable at best. Hopefully, this rumor isn’t true. I have a hard time envisioning Jim Levenstein with a cybernetic scorpion tale, terrorizing Manhattan.

It’s been rumored for a great while that House M.D. star Hugh Laurie is in negotiations to play J. Jonah Jameson. As an opposite from Biggs, I have high hopes on this rumor. I would love to see a perpetually angry Gregory House running a news paper.

Marissa Tomei has been cast as Aunt May Parker, which I take the decided position of being mutual in opinion. I never expected Sally Field to be a great pick for Aunt May, but she definitely made a great one. Tomei could be an excellent choice, only time will tell.

Forest Whittaker is in talks for Robbie Robertson. Now, Whittaker is an amazing actor and could turn any role into pure gold. That being said, Robbie Robertson has always been a small role in the past, will it be a much larger one in future films is yet to be seen. Regardless, if Whittaker gets the role, I have high expectations for an excellent portrayal.

Miranda Cosgrove is being eyed for Betty Brant, which I personally believe she is too young looking for the part. Cosgrove is best known as Carly from iCarly or from School Of Rock. She has the acting chops and experience for the role, but she still appears to be no older than fifteen. She does resemble Brant, just a much younger version. However, considering the next Spider-Man film is still some years out, it just might work.

Tyler Posey is rumored to be in consideration for Ned Leeds. Now this is another casting rumor that I completely neutral on. Posey bears little resemblance to Leeds, but Leeds hasn’t been in a major comic line in quite some time. I personally haven’t seen any of Posey’s work, so I can make no comment on his ability as an actor. But, seeing as Marvel is intending to use Ned Leeds in a cinematic story, it’s safe to assume Roderick Kingsley will make an appearance as well. Roderick Kingsley in a film lends credit to the idea that we will see Hobgoblin. That’s a pretty thin theory, and quite the stretch of information, but worth a thought nonetheless.

Most of these individuals are very accomplished actors and actresses. To put all of these people in a single film would require and absolutely astronomical budget, and it is very unlikely all of these rumors are true. Even if they are, it’s even more unlikely Marvel will be able to afford them all. It’s fun to imagine regardless. We will be keeping our ears to ground on this. So, stay tuned to The Nerdery for future updates.

  1. popdepravity says:

    These are definitely interesting rumors! Fingers crossed they are wrong about Jason Biggs. WHAT?!


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