Monster Musume Episode 1

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Anime, Chris Ramirez, Manga
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Monster Musume Episode One: Everyday Life With a Lamia 

Review by Chris

Quick intro: I haven’t read the manga’s yet, but going to. It starts off with the male main character Kurusu Kimihito and the beautiful Lamia Miia in bed. The alarm sounds off to wake for the day and to his surprise she is in bed with him. He gets anxious and tries to wake her only to find out she’s cold (as Lamia’s are cold blooded) and envelopes him with her 7 foot tail.

It’s a very funny start off to an anime from a successful manga. There is a good bit of fan service but nothing too graphic. All the colors and animation are presented very well. Along with the nose bleeds lol!

This is from episode one just launched today on Crunchyroll.

Presented by Sentai Filmworks. The manga’s are published by Seven Seas with 7 volumes available currently.

I immediately give my rating of 5 joysticks (5 stars). I definitely cannot wait for the next episodes and are going to purchase the books en masse immediately.

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