The DCYOU First Glance

Posted: July 2, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin

By: JD Hardin

The New 52 is over, and the dust has begun to settle in a post-Convergence DC universe.

Batman is dead, Superman has been reduced to his Action Comics #1 self, Hal Jordan is a criminal on the run from the Green Lantern Corps. Things have been turned upside down.

In my personal opinion, The New 52 had gotten stale. DC was more concerned about maintaining the status quo and continuity than originality and good story lines. There were a few good arcs, but far between for my own taste.

Then came Convergence. The well crafted event only lasted two months of weekly installments. Convergence featured a massive selection of supportive tie-in’s, however, they weren’t necessary to assertain the story. This is not considered “par for the course”. Generally, many tie-ins are required to get the whole picture.

The DCYOU has given new tricks to an old dog.


Superman is back to his origins. Many fans aren’t aware that, until the mid fifties, Superman didn’t have the ability to fly, X-ray vision, heat vision, super speed, or invulnerability. He’s not too far from his start, nowadays. The new tricks boil down to his appearance. After having his secret identity outed by Lois Lane, Kal-El started sporting a buzz cut. When we caught up with him in Action Comics #42, he finds himself shirtless. Sporting jeans, boots, and a new do, he stops off at a convenience store to complete the new look with a Superman “S” t-shirt. New looks, old powers. It was, without a doubt, the most interesting Superman issue I’ve read in a few years.


Batman and The Joker are both allegedly dead. That would be the end right? Not quite. We now have a “robo-Batman”. That’s not too crazy is it? I hope not, it only gets crazier. The new Batman works hand in hand with Gotham PD, even getting his own task force and specialized back up and tech support. Who pilots this red and blue illuminated Bat mech? Jim Gordon himself! I’m sure The Joker or Batman aren’t gone for good but as for their current whereabouts, it’s still unknown.


The Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, is a fugitive from the Corp. Wielding the will power gauntlet, Hal is on the run for it’s theft. Grabbing a prince from prison and holding him in exchange for his own freedom isn’t the Green Lantern we all know. Hal, like Batman and Superman, is also sporting a brand new look. Long hair, no rings, and a hood are the new call signs of our favorite emerald knight.

All these reboots have some of the best writing I’ve seen from these titles in years. Don’t judge the heroes by their makeovers. I, for one, have high hopes and expectations from the DCYOU, and I can’t wait to see where they will end up.

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