What’s Out Wednesday 6/17/15

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin
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By: JD Hardin
Marvel definitely felt the heat from DC’s sales back in April. Marvel dropped Secret Wars just in time to take a great portion of the market back in May. At 40.17% of the market, Marvel is well ahead of the pack in sales with DC trailing at 25.43%. Image retained an 8.89%, putting all other publishers at 5% and less. It sounds like DC needs to pump up their sales tactics.

Undergoing a cross between a renaissance and a reboot, DC is starting an entire smorgasbord of new titles. The majority of DC’s older titles are experiencing rebirths, so to speak.

 New titles beginning today are:

  • Black Canary
  • Doctor Fate
  • Doomed
  • Green Lantern: The Lost Army
  • Harley Quinn and Power Girl
  • Justice League Of America
  • Martian Manhunter
  • Prez
  • Robin: Son Of Batman


    Several titles have survived through Convergence and are releasing today, including Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #11, Sinestro #12, Superman/Wonder Woman #18, and Wonder Woman #41.
    Marvel is releasing Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #9, Darth Vader #7, and a few other titles not related to Secret Wars. Marvel also continues its Secret Wars event with a multitude of issues carrying the Secret Wars logo.


    • Armor Wars #2
    • Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2
    • Magneto #19
    • Ms. Marvel #16
    • Old Man Logan #2
    • Runaways #1
    • Squadron Sinister #1
    • Thors #1

    Image drops more than a few golden nuggets today. Our friend Matt Hawkins is finally giving us Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #1, which we got a peek at for Free Comic Book Day. Image is also giving us Run Love Kill #3, Stray Bullets #5, and quite a good selection of other titles as well.

    As always, there’s more releasing than I have room to even mention, so get to your local comic book store and grab some books. You never know what you might find.

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