Jackie Earle Haley’s Directorial Debut Shows Promise

Posted: May 31, 2015 in Movies, Soren Scribner

By: Soren Scribner

     Friday night at Comicpalooza, I took an early screening of Jackie Earle Haley’s directorial debut, Criminal Activities. It centered on a group of four friends that came back together at a friend’s funeral. One of them had some inside information on a stock, but none of them had enough money to purchase the stock themselves. They ended up borrowing money to purchase it, but the stock crashed unexpectedly. That’s when they found out that the person they borrowed the money from was a member of the mob, and they were forced to kidnap someone for him in exchange for their debt. The person they were expected to kidnap was the nephew of the head of a rival family. 

     The story was actually really interesting, with twists and turns throughout the entire film. There were really hilarious moments that happened when you least expected, which resulted in an uproar of laughter. I am not going to put a rating on the film, as it was a very early screening. I expect that a lot of the problems I saw at the viewing will get cleaned up before its release in September. However, there may have actually been some problems with the equipment that was used to screen the film. In the end, if it gets cleaned up properly before the actual release, I would have happily paid to see it.
Notable Cast:

Michael Pitt- Funny Games, Finding Forrester, Seven Psychopaths

Dan Stevens- Downton Abbey, A Walk Among The Tombstones

Chris Abbott- Girls (TV Series)

Rob Brown- Finding Forrester, Coach Carter, Stop-Loss

Jackie Earle Haley- Bad News Bears Trilogy, Breaking Away, Little Children (Supporting Actor Nominee)

John Travolta – A Love Song For Bobby Long, White Man’s Burden

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