Lucifer, (like the devil)

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin, TV

By: JD Hardin

A while back on our Facebook page, I reported on Vertigo’s title Lucifer being optioned by FOX for a TV show. Well, today I’m proud to say, we’ll all be able to watch Lucifer Morningstar and his special brand of “crime fighting” in the comfort of our own homes.

Before you start throwing bible quotes at FOX or DC’s Vertigo, let me tell you who their Lucifer is.

After 10,000,000,000 years of ruling Hell, Lucifer grows weary of being blamed for the corruption of man and all sin in the world. Exhausted by eons of punishing the wicked, he expells all demons and wicked souls from Hell, locks the gates and retires. His father, God, created him for this purpose. All those expelled from Hell either went to Heaven or Earth. As this cannot be allowed to continue, Gods forces must try to persuade Lucifer to return to his throne. On Earth, Lucifer has found a calling in punishing the wicked while they live.

The primary plot puts Lucifer as an anti-hero, all the while resisting his father’s messengers and soldiers that seek to end his retirement. Let the battle for the souls of L.A. begin! Let’s see what Jerry Bruckhemer can do with this!

I’m very eager to watch this. Especially after watching this trailer.

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