Sweet Revenge

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Klint Abston, PC Gaming

By: Klint Abston


Have you ever encountered a hacker? No No, not the young Angelina Jolie type from the classic “Hackers”…..although a boy can dream. I’m talking about the type of gamer that lacks the skill to compete on equal footing or just likes to watch the game world that you love burn. In the last few weeks a hacker had been terrorizing the MMO Guild Wars 2 massive PvP game mode World vs World. Players had noticed a character taking and dealing massive damage beyond what any normal player could achieve and flying around so quickly that the Man of Steel himself would be envious. The game’s official forum was over run with complaints about the individual’s super skills but without clear evidence, other than some low resolution screenshots, the game moderators could do little. Luckily, a rather persistent player spent several hours tracking him down to gather the proof needed via video. Game security lead, Chris Cleary, with video in hand found said hacker and logged into his account. What follows brings a tear of joy to this gamer’s eye.

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