Posted: May 6, 2015 in Comics

By: JD Hardin

DC continues Convergence with it’s fifth installment of the main story line. The second issues of the side stories will also begin this week. But, the big news from DC this week is Wonder Woman’77 #1.

             Dynamite drops Swords of Sorrow #1 and it’s counterpart Swords of Sorrow Chaos Special.

             Image will present us with Artifacts: Lost Tales #1, Nailbiter #12, Minimum Wage: So Many Bad Decisions #1, and Witchblade: Born Again volume one trade paperback.


           This week Marvel is really kicking things up a notch. With an All-New CaptainAmerica Special #1, Avengers VS #1, Inhuman Annual #1, and Secret Wars #1, it’s a week of firsts. And with Kanan #2, Spider Gwen #4, and the last installment of Return of the Living Deapool, their standing titles surely aren’t lacking either.
           Once again, and as always, there’s way more coming out than I have room to list. So, get to your local comic store and get the your fix!!! Stay tuned to The Nerdery for more news and reviews, and don’t forget to tune in on Sunday’s at 8:30pm on Spreaker to listen to us LIVE!!

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