Punisher: Who Wants Next

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Comics, Soren Scribner, TV

By: Soren Scribner


Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, and Ray Stevenson.

These are the men that have worn the title of The Punisher, and if Tom Hardy has his way, he would be the next to take possession of the mantle.

Tom Hardy has told Collider that he would like to portray The Punisher.  Hardy does admit that his height could pose a problem being only 5’9″.  But as Forbes has pointed out, height really does not play an important role when it comes to film. Both Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson who are two of the smaller stars in Hollywood who play a lot taller roles in movies. 

Seeing how The Punisher movies have never really been too successful, and how hard it would be to tie the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new movie might not be the best path to take. But the character would work great as a series on Netflix, as put forth also by Forbes. A series could also work on a premium cable channel such as Showtime or HBO. These formats would allow for the storytellers and directors to keep to the gritty nature of the comics. A run of twelve to fifteen episodes would allow them to build multiple stories arcs over the course of each season, without having to rush the story to fit it into an hour and a half, to two hour movie.

One of the other benefits that could also come from The Punisher landing on say Netflix, instead of the premium cable channels, would be that Netflix already has four programs based in the MCU’s New York City.  While it is true that these series are based in Hell’s Kitchen, they have crossed paths with The Punisher on multiple occasions.  So, it would not be out of the realm of possibility that the other heroes in the Netflix catalog could make appearances in a Punisher series, especially Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin who has had many run-ins with Marvel’s ultimate anti-hero.

Back to the subject of Hardy portraying Punisher. The question still remains of whether or not if another incarnation of The Punisher comes about, either in film or series format, will Hardy’s height play a factor in his chances to assume the mantle of The Punisher.  Then one has to wonder, if Marvel goes in the direction of a series on Netflix or premium cable, would Hardy be willing to step away from movies for the amount of time it would take to film a series.


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