Posted: April 29, 2015 in Comics, JD Hardin, Movies

By: JD Hardin

We all remember the cinematic Spider-Men of the past. Their pitfalls, their triumphs. The excitement of what they may bring, and the dissapointment of their downfalls.


With Tobey Maguire, we were so excited just to see Spidey on the big screen. We all hoped for the best, but with a story moving at break-neck speeds, a lot of great material was missed. Some would be revisited later in the next franchise, others have yet to see the movie projectors light. Tobey Maguire wasn’t as palatable for a lot of fans as hoped either. Was it physical lack of resemblance? Was it the script? Was it his acting in general? It seems to vary from fan to fan. Three films later, director Sam Raimi (of Evil Dead fame) walked away, and with him, the franchise.


Five years later, we are happy to see our favorite wall crawler again, as Andrew Garfeild dons his web-shooters. For readers, these movies were also a little too fast. However,  they were far more “comic accurate”. With rumors of a Sony/Marvel deal, hope reached its zenith for the web slinger to join the MCU.  Then, came the news of Andrew’s ousting. We’ve been waiting on the next Peter Parker ever since.


Rumor has it that Asa Butterfield is currently Sony’s front runner for the mask. With huge acting successes such as Ender’s Game, Hugo, and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas, Asa has more than earned his mettle on the big screen. Being 18 will also make him the closest to Peter Parker’s age. We here at The Nerdery are anxious to see what a young actor of his credentials can do, standing between RDJ and Chris Evans, and on his own.

Once again a new face lingers on the horizon.

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